Baskets of corn. Photo: Rebecca Siegel
Lois Ross | Next week's federal budget provides an opportunity to reinstate prison farms and improve food security
Meagan Gillmore | Both potential employees and employers need to overcome misconceptions of others about returning to the workforce.
Photo: TheGiantVermin/flickr
Elizabeth Comack, Cara Fabre, Shanise Burgher | Frontline workers are reporting that a tough-on-crime strategy has not made our communities safer. In fact, the Harper government has moved the country in the opposite direction.
John Hutton | August 10, marked the 40th anniversary of what has come to be known as Prisoners' Justice Day in Canada. This anniversary is a sombre one as we seem to be moving backwards at an ever-inceasing rate.
photo: flickr/my_new_wintercoat
Martha Troian | Indigenous women are incarcerated at increasingly high levels in Canada and are not offered a transition or enough options to address their needs. So, TASSC wants to build an urban healing lodge.