Alberta Health Minister Tyler Shandro, at right, poses with two surgeons and a patient at a private Calgary eye-surgery clinic yesterday. Image: Government of Alberta/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | The UCP's privatization plan might have a chance if the government is prepared to spend a lot of money to ensure wait lists for everyone are reduced. How likely do you think that is?
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| Read the report and find out about how much private clinics are really costing us
Photo: European Parliament/flickr
Tori Ball | The introduction of private clinics with a paid donor erodes our public health-care system, opening the door to increased commercialization and privatization of Canada's blood supply.
Photo: Amanda Graham/flickr
Brent Patterson | Canadians need public solutions to health-care wait times, not expensive contracts with for-profit private clinics.
Julie Devaney | People concerned with the state of health care in Ontario are asking: how did we get into this situation? And how do we stop the off-loading of hospital services onto privately run clinics?
Photo: Nellies Beemster-Klaucke/flickr
Adrienne Silnicki | Have you ever asked yourself or been asked, isn't a two-tiered health-care system a good thing if it shortens wait times? It sounds logical, right? It isn't.
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Adrienne Silnicki | Now is the time for Canadians to speak out against two-tiered health care. We must act now to strengthen public health care and stop the Americanization of our systems.
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David J. Climenhaga | We need to know who scratched whose back, and how, to get preferential Helios patients jumped up to the head of the line.