Image: Flickr/Obert Madondo​
Linda Leon | In spite of narrow one-sided papers posing as objective scholarly studies and ad hominem criticism of sitting politicians, the Fraser Institute has had charitable status since 1974.
Pro Bono, Brian Iler | Charities, as advocates for the public interest, should be at least as unfettered as the voices of private interests when engaging in advocacy that advances their charitable purposes.
Bruce Campbell | Six months ago the CCPA, and 16 other leading charitable organizations, sent a letter to the political parties asking about the political super audits targeted largely at critics of government policy.
Photo: Laura Gilmore/flickr
Mario Seccareccia, Louis-Philippe Rochon | After learning that the Canada Revenue Agency is auditing the CCPA on the grounds that it allegedly engages in politically partisan activity, a number of professors have drawn up an open letter.