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Don Duchene | For over 20 years the idea of Nova Scotians having our own educational broadcaster has popped up, in fits and starts, but it has never put down roots.
Michael Stewart | The CBC groomed and incubated Kevin O'Leary's persona -- a sociopathic blowhard with a desperate chub for capitalism -- and now Canada is paying the price.
Nora Loreto | While at an interview in Quebec City, Harper claimed that his government has not made any cuts to CBC/Radio-Canada.
Rick Salutin | Fired CBC host Evan Solomon is surely the boss of his own conscience but still, he may have found it confusing at CBC regarding what was valued there.
Evan Soloman: Likely not a zombie
Nora Loreto | What's with all the right-wing rhetoric coming from CBC programming?
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Robert Hackett | It is lamentable that Rex Murphy, who sometimes acts like a resident apologist for the fossil fuel industry, is undermining rather than encouraging citizens working against massive vested interests.
Redeye Collective | The CBC will continue to broadcast Hockey Night in Canada while Rogers will have the final say on sports personalities and control all ad revenue from the games. We speak with columnist Rick Salutin.