Photo: Christina Gray
Christina Gray | The week prior to the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, I thought to myself: "This is the last one, there's not going to be another one of these again."
Jesse McLaren | January 11 is a day to remember Canada’s first Crime Minister, to celebrate the struggles that resisted his policies, and to keep building movements challenging his legacy.
Charlene Sayo, Andrew Sayo, Eirene Cloma | First Nations dancer and choreographer Lara Kramer shares how residential schools, addiction, homelessness and her grandmother inspired her latest production, "Native Girl Syndrome."
Photo: flickr/LFCA
Charlie Angus | NDP MP Charlie Angus writes an open letter to the Aboriginal Affairs Minister Bernard Valcourt over the federal government's obligation to fund the legal proceedings of Residential School survivors.
Krystalline Kraus | Nation-wide prayers are encouraged across Canada July 25 from 12:00p.m. noon to 1:00p.m.