Calgary Housing Action Initiative housing march. Photo: Grant Neufeld/Flickr
Duncan Cameron | A social safety net to ensure that every individual has enough to live on should be standard in a liberal democracy. Canada had such a social safety net, until it was abolished nearly 25 years ago.
Apartment buildings in Vancouver. Photo: Robert Ashworth/Flickr
Nick Falvo | A federal-provincial-territorial (FPT) framework agreement on housing was signed on April 10 in Toronto. It supports the Trudeau government's National Housing Strategy, which was released last fall.
Image: Flickr/Abdallahh
Sophia Reuss | FRAPRU organized a week of occupation across Quebec to demand recognition of the right to housing and increases in government funding for social housing.
Photo: flickr/ Mike Gabelmann
Alyse Kotyk | In a decision announced Tuesday, the B.C. Supreme Court refused to grant the Province of B.C. an injunction against SuperIntent City campers.
Photo: Wasfi Akab/flickr
Nick Falvo | Nick Falvo examines the emergence of homelessness in Canada as a pressing public policy area in the 1980s, discussing the growth of homelessness, policy responses and advocacy.
Photo: flickr/ Caelie_Frampton
Alyse Kotyk | As the new federal government works on this year's budget, several housing advocates draw attention to the urgent need for the implementation of a national housing program in Canada.
Photo: Emily/flickr
Nick Falvo | In 2008, Calgary became the first Canadian municipality to publicly commit to "ending homelessness." Read on for more points about ending homelessness in Canada.
Photo: lilfairy/flickr
Josh Brandon | With a potential partner at the federal level, the possibility for progress exists, but housing activists must redouble their efforts to put an end to poor housing in Winnipeg and across Canada.
Photo: Skil Fibber/flickr
Nick Falvo | Efforts to enumerate persons experiencing homeless have generally been spotty, but it is reasonable to assert that homelessness in Canada saw substantial growth in the 1980s and 1990s.
Photo:  wsquared photography & creative/flickr
Tim Sale | This election, ask your candidates what they will do to make affordable, safe housing available to all our citizens, not only those who can buy a house or condo.
Activist Toolkit
| An election guide from the Homeless Hub on ending chronic homelessness.
Cathy Crowe | Two street nurses write an appeal to the nation to help them put housing on the agenda in this federal election.