Photo: Mixabest/Wikimedia Commons
Thomas Ponniah | Will technological innovation produce mass unemployment, or will it generate more jobs than it replaces?
Screenshot from Not Rex video
Tristan Lettieri | Google says it's tough finding enough nerds to write the long strings of code to maintain their ever-evolving database, so they're bringing in robots to do the work.
Wayne MacPhail | When we think about robots, we worry that, like Transformers, they will be hulking, dangerous machines. But what if they are more subtle? What if they just steal our jobs?
Wayne MacPhail | There's a smell of robot sex in the autumn air -- the smell of WD-40 and brow sweat. Is it only a matter of time before an AI housed in humanoid armature will become sexually attractive to humans?
Wayne MacPhail | In the past few months we've heard the term "machine learning" bandied about by Google execs, computer scientists and nerdish blowhards at pool parties. But what is it, exactly?
Wayne MacPhail | This summer at the movies, it's those in charge against those who need to be charged.
Wayne MacPhail | In all sorts of different, but related, fields, human beings have made incredible strides at putting ourselves out of a job at the top of the food chain, cognition-wise.
Missy Cummings in the U.S. Navy
Christopher Majka | Military drone technology is proliferating. Is it legal? Moral? Effective? What are the consequences? Is there a better solution? I probe the issue with fight pilot and technology guru Missy Cummings.
Dr. Tomorrow's cyberden in Vancouver 2007
Lynn Thompson | Frank Ogden is Dr. Tomorrow, and today ~ our conversation continues. Update: Frank Ogden died Dec 29th, 2012