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Image: Ian Willms/Greenpeace Canada
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Alyse Kotyk | Across B.C.'s interior, First Nations communities are deciding whether or not they will support Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline project through mutual benefits agreements.
Redeye Collective | Two activists from Vancouver Island travelled to a Secwepemc camp at Mount Polley to bear witness to the destruction following the collapse in August of the dam holding back a tailings pond.
Scott Neigh | Kanahus Manuel talks about the struggle by the Secwepemc Nation and its allies to defend the land and assert their nationhood after the massive Mount Polley tailings pond spill.
Chief Judy Wilson
John Haggerty | Last night, the "On to Ottawa" Caravan finished its second day by reaching Calgary. Along the way, we've made many stops, joining gatherings and protests on the road to Ottawa.