Photo courtesy of Murray Lumley
Kevin Shimmin | "I understand why you are here. It's a horrible deal." Canada's continued participation in the arms trade needs to end. Kevin Shimmin offers his experience and perspective.
Photo: twitter/@KevinShimmin
Sophia Reuss | Actions in Ottawa and Montreal target CANSEC 2016 and Canada's involvement in the global arms trade, specifically the controversial deal with Saudi Arabia.
Photo: flickr/ Amnesty Finland
Ryan Donnelly | Some Liberal MPs were very critical of the Harper government's response to Saudi blogger Raif Badawi's imprisonment, calling for direct intervention. But, Trudeau has yet to take any action either.
Photo: flickr/ Heri Rakotomalala
Paul Weinberg | The Liberals' support for the anti-BDS motion recently passed in Parliament has BDS supporters concerned, confused or elated. How can this possibly be?
Thomas Lukaszuk
David J. Climenhaga | Bet on it there's more to Alberta docs' deal than meets the eye; Redford Government education cuts start to bite; Tory attack ad looks cheesy after Liver Foundation defends Justin Trudeau.