Image: Flickr/bcgovphotos
Iglika Ivanova | Yesterday, the B.C. provincial government released its 2015/16 Second Quarterly Report. The news is not very good.
Finance Minister Joe Oliver in January 2015 (CC 2.0)
David Macdonald | Given the economic climate, we thought infrastructure spending would make an important appearance in Joe Oliver's first budget. And it did: in 2019.
Image: Flickr/PMWebPhotos
Angella MacEwen | Joe Oliver's 2015 federal budget was superficially balanced, but under the surface are very real imbalances -- a generational imbalance, and environmental imbalance, and an infrastructure imbalance.
Redeye Collective | Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced Nov. 12 that the government will have a small surplus in 2015. He didn't say that the surplus has come from deep cuts to services for veterans and the unemployed.
Harper's reduced surplus poses a challenge for Mulcair (pictured) and Trudeau
Karl Nerenberg | On Wednesday, Finance Minister Joe Oliver presented the fall Fiscal Update, with a much-reduced projected surplus. Politically, that is designed to put the opposition leaders in a corner.