Dima Siam (far right, in white hijab, holding her baby, Maria), welcomes her brother-in-law and his family as sponsored refugees to Canada on April 12. Siam is fighting a deportation order that would send her to Syria, the result of a simple paperwork error. The Trudeau government has thus far refused to end her nightmare of limbo and grant her permanent resident status.  Credit: Brian Cornelius
Matthew Behrens | Every time Ottawa-based Syrian refugee Dima Siam sees Prime Minister Justin Trudeau saying refugees are welcome in Canada, she says, "I feel as if someone despises me and slapped me on the face."
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Yves Engler | Rather than contrasting Trump's ban with Israel's openness, if Israel supporters truly embraced universal human rights they would criticize Trump for mimicking Israeli policy.
Doug Gruner says a warm welcome is key to refugee integration
Dennis Gruending | Physician Doug Gruner says that a welcoming approach toward refugees is a key to their successful integration into Canadian life, and access to health care is vital to the process.
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Maya Bhullar | Stephanie Rickard-Chadda talks about her community's experience with privately sponsoring a Syrian refugee family and supporting another government-sponsored family.
Maya Bhullar | Shawk Alani talks about Capturing Our Stories, a photography summer camp for Syrian refugees.
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Nikolaos Gryspolakis | Nikolaos Gryspolakis gives his first-hand account of participating in the refugee solidarity movement in Greece. Here he shares refugees' stories and his experience during this time.
Refugee children
Maya Bhullar | Now what? How are we addressing their needs? The Activist Toolkit interviews people on the frontlines.
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Roshini Nair | "In Canada, the refugee crisis has become synonymous with the Syrian refugee crisis," said Daniel Tseghay. While Canada pats itself on the back, we must advocate for refuge in Canada for all refugees.
Frieda Werden, Mindy Ran, Sheila Dallas Katzman | Reeling under EU-imposed austerity, Greeks open their hearts and homes to refugees.
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| 10,000 refugees have arrived in Canada. H.O.M.E. links them with needed resources.
Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan 2013
Dalia Thamin | Syrians were subjected to the same restriction imposed on Chinese, Japanese and South Asian immigrants starting from the early 1900s.
Roger Annis | Canada's record of accepting refugees over the decades is the subject of much analysis in mainstream media in light of the crisis in Syria. Much of the analysis is inaccurate and self-serving.