Guatemalans sue Tahoe Resources   Photo: The Canadian Centre for International Justice
Redeye Collective | Six farmers and a student from Guatemala shot while protesting a mine won an important victory when the B.C. Court of Appeal said their lawsuit against Tahoe Resources could be heard in B.C.
Jennifer Moore | The recent resignation of Guatemalan President Otto Pérez Molina is further reason to question the ethics of Tahoe Resources' mining activities in Guatemala.
Luis Solano | Documents filed as part of lawsuit against Tahoe Resources proceeding in BC Superior Court sheds light on the project's military connections.
Image: http://resistencapacificaelescobal.blogspot.ca/
Jennifer Moore | Tahoe Resources CEO summoned to testify about criminalization around Guatemala mine. He might need this cheat sheet.
Maggie Padlewska | "I want Canadians to know that the silver, and possibly the gold, that is being extracted from Guatemala is bloodstained."
Photo: flickr/Géry Parent
Miriam Katawazi | A group of men is suing a Canadian mining company, Tahoe Resources Inc., over injuries they received while protesting at a silver mine in Guatemala.
Meera Karunananthan | The Council of Canadians' Blue Planet Project and the Projet d'Accompagnement Guatemala Quebec have launched a new campaign calling for an end to investments in bad mining projects in Guatemala.