Joe Clark & Maureen McTeer, 1976 (Toronto Public Library)
David J. Climenhaga | The Conservative Party of Canada has announced selection of a new leader, a 38-year-old MP from the west named Andrew Scheer. Dear readers, do you see a pattern here?
Fidel Castro
David J. Climenhaga | A warm Canadian farewell to King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia by PM Stephen Harper passed unremarked; PM Justin Trudeau's farewell to Fidel Castro sparks outrage. Explain.
Image: Flickr/T.J. Hawk
Gerry Caplan | Do yourself a favour -- binge on House of Cards instead until it's all over.
Extreme To Talk About Human Extinction?
Daryn Caister | Leaders say they accept climate change, but don't act like they understand it. We recap the worst threats, and talk about how bad could it get if we keep going as we are.
George Clark
David J. Climenhaga | George Clark's idea, while unlikely to be a success, is not so different from the strategy used by some groups frequently at loggerheads with PC policy over the years.
Photo: U.S. Supreme Court/Wikimedia Commons
Karl Nerenberg | You might be surprised to learn what the late justice thought about the direct election of senators and how little he knew about Canada.
Ted Cruz
David J. Climenhaga | Calgary-born Texas Senator Ted Cruz has told everyone that he will renounce his Canadian citizenship as soon as possible, although it's not clear if the problem is Canada or just Calgary.