Rick Salutin | The European Enlightenment of the 1700s was a high point of religious toleration and G.E. Lessing, a German Protestant, one of its eminent voices.
Image: Flickr/Al Jazeera English
Shenaz Kermalli | Hajj can be seen as a symbolic barometer of the global Muslim community, an ultimate measure of one's patience and tolerance for one another among extraordinarily testing circumstances.
David Suzuki | In this long election, we must demand more from those who hope to govern us. We need to ensure that this election is decided on real issues that affect all Canadians and not on pointless distractions.
Redeye Collective | Suzanna Danuta Walters argues that the movement for LGBT rights has settled for a watered-down tolerance of sexual and gender difference rather than true equality and human rights for all.