Vladimir Putin

Jul 24, 2014
Vladimir Putin

Blundering in Ukraine: Putin's strategic debacle

Christopher Majka
Upon careful examination the results Putin's "Ukrainian campaign" range from calamitous to disastrous. Almost every aspect of the Putin doctrine has been greatly undermined by this Ukrainian debacle.
Jun 16, 2014
photo: flikr/Lev Gurevich

My Maidan

Myrna Kostash
From Perestroika to the Orange Revolution to Maidan, Myrna Kostash reflects on the way Ukrainian peoples' resistance movements are portrayed inaccurately by media.
Apr 30, 2014
Photo: tiger_days/flickr

The kleptocracy of Vladimir Putin

Bruce Livesey
Bill Browder's story lends insight into the Russian economy because it suggests that Putin manages a deeply corrupt kleptocracy -- an economy run by his pals who steal whatever they can.


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