Vladimir Putin

Apr 9, 2014
Photo: wikimedia commons

Putin's procedure: The new Russian power bloc

Arash Falasiri
The latest Freedom House report suggests that 80 per cent of Russians believe that political and economic strength are more important than a "good democracy." Is this the new Russian power bloc?
Mar 18, 2014

Crimea and the law of power

The crisis in Crimea is part of a larger story: the break-up of the Soviet Union, and the failure of the international community to come to terms with a post-Communist world.
Mar 15, 2014

Crisis in Ukraine: Disinformation and useful idiots

Christopher Majka
The Russian state has long engaged in disinformation, cynically employing "useful idiots" as propaganda mouthpieces. The Kremlin-backed RT broadcasts relentless falsehoods about Ukraine. Fight back.
Mar 14, 2014
Vladimir Putin trades insults with Stephen Harper and John Baird over Ukraine

Canada and the propaganda war in Ukraine

Dennis Gruending
In the propaganda war in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin calls the protesters fascists, while Canada's Stephen Harper and John Baird liken Putin to Hitler.
Mar 9, 2014

What's really at stake in Ukraine

Murray Dobbin examines the high stakes behind the casual acceptance by the West of an illegal, coup-installed regime in Kiev populated by neo-Nazis and anti-Semites.


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