Canadian money. Image: Pixabay
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The top 1 per cent of wealthy people in Canada own about 25 per cent of all the wealth in the country. Unions and the Broadbent Institute are calling for Canada's wealthy to pay their fair share.
People in Khlong Khwang, Nonthaburi, Thailand compete with the excavator to collect recyclable items and sell them. Image: Thibaud Saintin/Flickr
Linda McQuaig | The forces fighting capitalism's worst excesses are responsible for improving people's lives.
Graffiti art depicting millionaire character from Monopoly game. Image: Sean Davis/Flickr
Linda McQuaig | A wealth tax has received little media coverage -- beyond denunciations in the National Post, which surely has nothing to do with the fact the media is largely owned by billionaires.
Image: Flickr/Forsaken Fotos
Carter Vance | Unlike many of our OECD brethren, Canada does not currently levy an inheritance, estate or wealth tax of any sort. That has to change, argues Carter Vance.