Monia Mazigh | This week, a French judge ordered the release of Hassan Diab from jail while an investigation into his case continues. Canada should follow suit and give Diab due process.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | As dusk settled over Denver on Dec. 22, the first day of winter, Clarence Moses-EL walked out of the county jail, free for the first time in 28 years.
Being Queer is Not Illegal -
Dan Kellar | A summary of the "Being Queer is Not Illegal" campaign at the Federal Jail in Kitchener, and wrongfully convicted GVI prisoner Nyki Kish reads one of her new blog posts.
Photo: flickr/Paul Townsend
Jen Turner | I don't think these shows are the sole cause of public support for the police state. However, we need to remain critical when we are watching TV and movies for entertainment.
Matthew Behrens | The long-running extradition saga of Dr. Hassan Diab -- sought by French authorities for a 1980 crime he did not commit -- took a dramatic turn when the Supreme Court refused to hear his final appeal.