Rick Salutin September 27
There's a difference between embracing abstract progressive principles, and grasping in depth what's involved, including your own privilege and blind spots.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 26
Trump's refusal to support gun control legislation; his prolific lying; his relentless attacks on the press; his Muslim ban; his separation of families -- all are worthy of an impeachment inquiry.
Linda McQuaig September 26
The government's refusal to even explore the possibility of nationalizing the GM plant in Oshawa amounts to a truly missed opportunity -- to save thousands of skilled jobs and tackle climate change.
Pro Bono, Michael Hackl September 26
While Bill 21 clearly violates rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Quebec has invoked the notwithstanding clause to protect the law from challenges that it violates those rights.
Lois Ross September 26
Agriculture and food security are not just any issues -- they are deeply linked to climate change and are basic to human life. But little of this is being expressed in this election campaign.
Matthew Behrens September 25
Most election climate solutions are largely about avoiding system change and instead "adapting" to climate catastrophe, a climate apartheid strategy that benefits those with the necessary resources.
Duncan Cameron September 24
Duncan Cameron
Hurling words like rocks at world leaders, Greta Thunberg commanded the podium at the UN Climate Action Summit in New York on September 23.
Rick Salutin September 20
A friend of many decades, and founder of organizations for Canadian writers and artists, writer Graeme Gibson, died Wednesday at the age of 85.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 19
Climate activist Greta Thunberg has sparked a global movement with her "school strike for the climate." The final two Fridays of this month are expected to be some of the largest global protests ever.
Ole Hendrickson September 18
Ole Hendrickson
With new environmental review regulations, the Liberal government has exempted more projects from review and further gutted Canada's environmental assessment regime.
Duncan Cameron September 17
Duncan Cameron
If early electoral opinion data holds, the Liberals should win the largest number of seats on October 21. With five parties contesting the election, the potential for a minority government is high.
Rick Salutin September 13
We should consider this election a privilege. For the first time, the top issue in voters' minds is the main threat not only to Canada but to organized human life: environmental crisis.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 12
Ismail Ajjawi, a Palestinian student who grew up in a refugee camp, had achieved something remarkable: admission to Harvard University. But on arrival, his visa was rescinded and he was deported.
Bill Blaikie September 12
The good news was that although the total number of NDP seats only rose by four over the last election, many more new NDP MLAs were elected, and NDP Leader Wab Kinew acquitted himself well.
Rick Salutin September 6
The Brexit drama continues to rattle along, ever squirrelier. You can't take your eyes away. How do they manage that?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan September 5
Hurricane Dorian, like Maria, Irma, Florence and Harvey before, signifies a deadly data point in the irrefutable case that human-induced climate change is real and is wreaking havoc with our planet.
Rodrigo Samayoa, Digital Freedom Update September 3
There is one thing that this year's candidates can promise that can have a noticeable impact on our wallets: the cost of telecommunications services that Canadians need to access the digital economy.
Rick Salutin August 30
The term "affordability" hides the stasis or fallback of the last 40 years and the failure of neoliberalism to deliver even a sustained status quo.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 29
The departure of one elder activist on the eve of the arrival of one so young symbolizes, bittersweetly, the passing of a torch.
Linda McQuaig August 29
A wealth tax has received little media coverage -- beyond denunciations in the National Post, which surely has nothing to do with the fact the media is largely owned by billionaires.
Karly Wilson, Pro Bono August 29
Mass incarceration of Indigenous persons, incarceration of people with mental illness, and overuse of solitary confinement are just some of the issues plaguing Canada's prison system today.
June Chua August 28
The documentary "Trace," directed by Raluca Bejan and Ioan Cocan, bears witness to the awful and strange triad that occurs between refugees, rescuers and NGOs.
Brent Patterson August 27
Removing portraits of French President Emmanuel Macron was an inspiring way for activists to "take him down" for failing on climate justice.
Rick Salutin August 23
Michael Hudson, an eminent left economist, has spent decades studying ancient Mideast economies. His latest book examines debt as "the major cause of economic polarization from antiquity" to now.
Antonia Zerbisias, Broadsides August 23
This week, Ontario's education minister announced that the province's sex-ed program was going back to the future. The new curriculum would be almost identical to the 2015 curriculum.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 22
Along the U.S-Mexico border, the Sonoran Desert creates a deadly barrier to the thousands of migrants seeking a better life in "el Norte," the North.
Lois Ross August 21
With the release of a new report from the IPCC, we finally have a comprehensive global analysis of the impact of diet and agricultural production on climate change.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 20
On July 25, in a surprise announcement, U.S. Attorney General William Barr said that the federal government would be resuming executions, with five scheduled in the coming months.
Rick Salutin August 20
Honduras has become Canada's best bud in our co-sponsorship of the Lima Group, a monomaniacal effort to replace one distasteful Venezuelan leader with another.
Monia Mazigh August 16
Monia Mazigh
Why do we tolerate certain actions when it comes to violating the rights of Muslims but hate groups get a free pass no matter how violent the ideologies they espouse?