Rick Salutin June 18
Not answering questions is a crucial life skill for leaders, but Annamie Paul managed to make others look like babbling brooks.
Evelyn Lazare June 18
With new variants developing rapidly, Canadians can expect that an annual booster for COVID-19 will become a routine part of preventive health care.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 18
"Eventually, [whistleblowing] looks more right than going into the office and perpetuating a system of injustice quietly, day after day," said Edward Snowden.
Increasing Access to Justice, Sheldon Falk June 17
Don't let Bill S-222 -- which seeks to eliminate mandated racist and colonial ways of engaging with communities -- die on the order paper.
Duncan Cameron June 15
Duncan Cameron
The U.K., Germany, and Canada were silent on the subject of monopoly pharmaceutical companies unwilling to act on behalf of countries in need of vaccines because it would interfere with their profits.
Rick Salutin June 11
Can you build a national identity around having no one national identity?
Minister Faust June 11
How many otherwise bored, overlooked, or alienated African-Canadian kids could teachers inspire if they taught a "Wakanda" curriculum connecting the fictional content to its real-world inspiration?
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 10
Two hundred is the approximate number of water protectors arrested on June 7, during the largest act of nonviolent civil disobedience against Line 3 construction to date.
Monia Mazigh June 9
Monia Mazigh
The core narrative remains untouched: Canada is a polite and compassionate country; we don't do these things at home; we are shocked by these acts of violence.
Duncan Cameron June 8
Duncan Cameron
Last week's G7 finance ministers' meeting in London resulted in the recommendation of a global minimum tax on multinational corporations' profits across jurisdictions at 15 per cent.
Rick Salutin June 4
Our current economic system is as feudal as it gets, outdoing the landlordism of the Middle Ages.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 3
Two necessary steps to stop mass shootings are to deny men who abuse women at home the freedom they currently enjoy to buy and own guns, and to take violence against women seriously.
Linda McQuaig June 3
The Bill Gates-big pharma model has been a disaster, with pharmaceutical companies making astronomical profits as they dole out scarce supplies of their patented COVID vaccines to the highest bidders.
Duncan Cameron June 1
Duncan Cameron
Will the U.S. movement to full employment provoke an adoption of full employment by the Canadian government? Past experience suggests it is not that simple.
June Chua May 31
Dandelions traverse the earth. The globe is their realm. At times, they are viewed as foreign. Invasive, threatening and alien to the carefully curated spaces seen as proper and acceptable.
Rick Salutin May 28
A provincial election's a year away in Ontario, but even now subjugates the pandemic.
Matthew Behrens May 28
There has been increased focus on the growing Canadian relationship with Israel's drone warfare industry over the past month, as the Israeli military targeted Gaza with an 11-day terror bombardment.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 27
The 1921 Tulsa race massacre was one of the single greatest acts of racist terrorism in U.S. history.
Chuka Ejeckam May 27
Israel is merely one entry in a list of countries Canada sells weapons to which systematically violate human rights, including the massacre of civilians.
Safia J. Lakhani, Pro Bono May 27
Safia J. Lakhani
As employers and workers navigate the re-opening of the workplace post-pandemic, it is worth considering certain key principles in employment law and their application in the return to work.
Duncan Cameron May 25
Duncan Cameron
As the world faces growing inequalities and environmental destruction, members of the working class have been abandoned by their representatives and attacked by governments.
Rick Salutin May 21
It turns out that the collapse of the Palestinian dream of their own state -- which Israel used its power to obliterate -- leaves Palestinians not desolated but reinvigorated.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 20
Israel has launched another of its horrific, periodic bombing campaigns against the embattled Gazans. The U.S. enables this by providing Israel with billions in aid and access to weapons.
Evelyn Lazare May 20
Shots in arms are essential. So are lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. But it takes both to achieve herd immunity. Isn't it time we realized this?
Duncan Cameron May 18
Duncan Cameron
Caught up in their struggle to attain power, political parties are reacting to what they think matters for the next election campaign and ignoring issues that matter for the future of humanity.
Rick Salutin May 14
Ford's re-election plan has been bracingly clear since he went full Build That Wall and told Justin to shut the airports.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan May 13
The January 6 insurrection was one way to try to overthrow democracy in the U.S. Now, a more sophisticated effort to subvert democracy is underway.
Duncan Cameron May 11
Duncan Cameron
The pandemic has revealed what historians have long pointed to: right-wing authoritarian governments damage the social fabric, leaving citizens with a diminished sense of well-being.
Rick Salutin May 7
For those protesting masks and vaccines, it's always about freedom, revolving around noble, self-serving heroic individuals.
Mehdi Rizvi May 7
To boost immigration levels, Canada has introduced a new one-time program for international graduates and temporary foreign workers in essential occupations.