Naomi Klein June 20
Naomi Klein
Last week, grocery giant Loblaws banned any reference to genetically modified (GM) foods from labels of products sold in its stores. This decision points to a broader strategy that North American foo
Dalton Camp June 20
On Saturday <i>Toronto Star</i> columnist Thomas Walkom wrote what the <i>National Post</i> called "a 2,400-word expression of sympathy ... for violent protest from the left."To agree with Walkom - a
Parker Barss Donham June 20
Nova Scotia's Conservative government is losing the fight over Bill 68. This government has had considerable success demonizing coal-miners and steelworkers. It may one day succeed in vilifying schoo
Thomas Walkom June 19
On Saturday, Thomas Walkom wrote a column reporting on the invasion of the provincial finance minister's constituency office by members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). He suggested t
Linda McQuaig June 18
The Canadian public's intense dislike for former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney wasn't just about his policies. It was his deferential attitude towards Washington and U.S. corporate power that grated
Michele Landsberg June 17
Filmmaker Gerry Rogers' 72-year-old aunt had a mastectomy one day last week at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. By 8 p.m., groggy and nauseous, she was ushered out of the hospital over her family's pleas
Dalton Camp June 17
Last week, Stockwell Day appeared before a business audience in Toronto. Both The leader and his crowd were carrying the accessories of the day's fashion - thinner wallets and fewer hopes. It had not
Parker Barss Donham June 17
Nova Scotia cannot afford a strike by 9,000 hospital workers.But Premier John Hamm badly overplayed what should have been a winning hand. His political and strategic misjudgement will haunt the gover
Thomas Walkom June 16
Earlier this week, members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty invaded the constituency office of finance minister Jim Flaherty. Vigorous political protest of this sort is not new in Canada. And
Michelle Landsberg June 16
Picture a woman, shrouded head-to-toe in her blue burqa. She's hiding a smuggled camcorder beneath her clothing. The crowd in a Kabul stadium roars, as an "adulteress" is about to be brutally execute
Rick Salutin June 15
In politics, as in sports, off-season is the season of hope. A time when everything is possible. It is the hour of pure theory: What if we combine two parties? What if we change our name? What about
Rachel Giese June 14
A Dutch reproductive-rights group has converted a fishing boat into a state-of-the-art family-planning clinic. The ship's volunteer medical team plans to travel around the world, docking in countries
Judy Rebick June 14
Judy Rebick
Last June, The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) held a militant demonstration on the steps of the Ontario legislature. The demo turned violent. Now OCAP is bringing those confrontational tact
Naomi Klein June 13
Naomi Klein
The Canadian political the left currently comprises a weakened NDP and an endless series of street protests. It's a recipe for fighting like crazy to make things not quite as bad as they would be oth
Parker Barss Donham June 13
This past Friday - at Eskasoni, Nova Scotia's largest Native community - Justice Claire MacLellan called Tuma Young to the bar. This was the first admission to the bar of a fluent-Mi'kmaq-speaking No
Dalton Camp June 13
U.S. President George Bush delivered a presidential homily following Monday's execution of mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh. The publicity attending the execution will give McVeigh status as a hero. It
Thomas Walkom June 12
The ongoing battle between Ontario's Harris government and Cancer Care Ontario has been painted in Goliath-and-David terms. The government has been portrayed as a monolithic, vengeful bully, and tryi
Dalton Camp June 11
Within the Alliance caucus, Calgary West MP Rob Anders is not an aberration. The extremism of his viewpoint, the impulsive boorishness of his action, and the reckless insensitivity are among the fami
Michele Landsberg June 10
York University's School of Women's Studies recently hosted its "Awards and Recognition Dinner." The small and high-spirited affair brought together a talented cross-section of students, graduates an
Parker Barss Donham June 10
Halifax Regional Municipality's use of high-school students to replant trees in Point Pleasant Park drew critical fire. But a meeting with the bright and capable representatives of the student group
Michele Landsberg June 9
Robin Pacific, artist and designer of the female-friendly computer-game <i>Babes in the Woods</i>, recently held a contest. The prize: copies of the game for 50 lucky winners. The challenge: to get i
Rick Salutin June 8
This week the Alliance and Conservative parties got together to talk about uniting the right under a new name. People in the NDP talked about creating a new party and uniting the right. But no matter
Naomi Klein June 7
Naomi Klein
Italy's <i>centri sociali</i> - social centres - are ground zero of a growing political militancy in the country. In the centres, culture and politics mix easily: a debate about direct action turns i
Rachel Giese June 7
Last Friday, Nova Scotia's passed its Bill 75, which amended the province's marital laws to include gay and lesbian relationships. On Monday, four same-sex Nova Scotia couples legally registered thei
Parker Barss Donham June 6
It's no surprise that Sempra Atlantic Gas won't be supplying natural gas to all of Nova Scotia as originally hoped. The writing was on the wall back in the fall of 1998. That's when Maritimes and No
Dalton Camp June 6
The days of "Joe Who?" are long gone. The tenacious leader of the Progressive Conservative party is becoming Canada's most valued and respected federal leader. As the Alliance Party's fortunes conti
Linda McQuaig June 4
The World Bank and the IMF seek to eradicate poverty by redesigning Third World economies along strict market lines. Often, this means that countries wanting to borrow funds must remove government su
Parker Barss Donham June 3
The latest statement on Native fishing from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) adds up to less than half a truth. Native fishers are being denied their rights. Ottawa's real fear is the pol
Dalton Camp June 3
Canada's economy is now outperforming that of the U.S. This news makes one thing clear: the economic pundits don't have a clue about the nation's economic performance, present or future.
Michele Landsberg June 2
In a fit of majoritarian panic, the City of Regina has proclaimed its first Heterosexual Family Pride Day. This is the ultimate in embarrassing acts of appropriation.