Lois Ross August 26
Engaging reads on agriculture and food for the last days of summer.
Matthew Behrens August 25
As government officials dismiss their legal obligations to asylum seekers, it falls to the rest of us to ensure an end to warehousing, hunting and deportations.
Rick Salutin August 21
We're back at Toronto City Hall and the Raptors' victory rally. Cue the boos at Ontario Premier Doug Ford's name.
Linda McQuaig August 20
If the NDP could push Justin Trudeau to embrace a Canadian Green New Deal, it could be an inspiring counterpoint to calls for austerity from Bay Street and Conservatives.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 20
Biden has vowed to veto any Medicare-for-all bill that reaches his desk if he becomes president, despite increasing calls for such a program from within his own party.
Michael Hackl, Pro Bono August 7
Harassment need not be by a superior at work, or even a co-worker, and the protection provided by occupational health and safety legislation is not limited to harassment on human rights grounds
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan August 6
The United States, the wealthiest and most powerful nation in world history, is also number one in COVID-19 infections and deaths.
Rick Salutin July 31
"Free the Children" was earnest and urgent. "WE" is vague, self-absorbed verging on self-indulgent, and unthreatening to anything or anyone.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan July 30
Civil rights icon John Lewis’ commitment to the principles of justice, equality, and the power of nonviolent protest should serve as a north star as we navigate these difficult days.
Linda McQuaig July 30
Alberta's management of its economy is nothing short of a disaster -- something to keep in mind as Kenney and his followers push for maintaining the pro-corporate model in the post-pandemic order.
Rick Salutin July 27
The deep logic of Trump's turn to deputized goonery, is that military force is the only thing, in recent decades, that the U.S. state has been granted full legitimacy for.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan July 23
The response in Oregon to U.S. President Donald Trump's outrageous and likely unconstitutional deployment of federal agents has been resoundingly critical.
Monia Mazigh July 22
Monia Mazigh
Last May, human rights experts at the United Nations called on Canada to repatriate little Amira, and have described the repatriation of children as "a humanitarian and human rights imperative."
Lois Ross July 21
The pandemic has exposed and intensified severe hardships, but it is also showing us a path towards healthier ways to produce food.
Matthew Behrens July 20
Instead of an external review, a full public inquiry into the crimes of CSIS designed by those who have suffered from the agency's practices is a more fitting approach.
Rick Salutin July 17
Trudeau had a clear conflict of interest in the WE scandal, but it amounts more to an embarrassment than an outrage.
Jim Stanford July 10
After four months of terrible economic data, last week's employment report from Statistics Canada contained some welcome news. But it confirms we are still locked in a historic crisis.
Erin Knight, Digital Freedom Update July 6
FRT systems are notoriously bad at identifying people of colour, leading to innocent people being wrongly identified as criminals.
Rick Salutin July 3
Justice Joseph Di Luca found off-duty Toronto police officer Michael Theriault guilty of assault but not aggravated assault. Christian, his brother, was found not guilty of aggravated assault.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan July 2
President Trump's planned rally at Mount Rushmore occurs as the U.S. suffers an explosion of COVID-19 cases and a national debate on how to deal with symbols enshrining systemic racism.
Linda McQuaig July 2
After talks with Larry Fink, Trudeau is gearing up to spend billions on new infrastructure in a way that will drive up costs and allow national assets to be owned by foreign elites.
Monia Mazigh July 2
Monia Mazigh
Recent examples of police brutality against racialized peoples highlight the importance of sustaining calls to defund the police.
June Chua June 29
"Finding Sally," a documentary film directed by Tamara Mariam Dawit, takes viewers on a journey through Ethiopia's violent history.
Rick Salutin June 26
On "pro-Palestinian" motions, Canada voted no 166 times. Norway and Ireland, the two other competitors for the Security Council seat, never did.
Lois Ross June 25
During the pandemic, the over-arching threat of being deported has been enough to keep many workers silent and risking their health and that of their co-workers.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan June 25
Across the sports world, athletes are speaking out, risking their careers in the fight against racism.
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono June 25
COVID-19 has increased the demand for medical assistance in dying, but the pandemic has also made it more difficult to access.
Matthew Behrens June 24
Later this week, human rights groups and individuals will mark the June 26 International Day in Support of Victims of Torture with an online writing and call-in event.
Duncan Cameron June 23
Duncan Cameron
Trudeau's Liberals are largely surviving on the back of the Conservative party's failure to establish itself as a government-in-waiting.
Bill Blaikie June 19
Perhaps not all police will be interested in transformative change, but, if the case for change is properly worded and properly argued, there are some police who could be important allies.