Rick Salutin January 24
Establishment Democrats fear Bernie Sanders because he calls them out as corporate lackeys. President Donald Trump's impeachment trial is a convenient distraction from Sanders' surging campaign.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan January 23
As U.S. President Donald J. Trump faces trial for impeachment in the Senate, torture victims sit through pretrial hearings in Guantanamo Bay. Both cases are unlikely to deliver truth and justice.
Lois Ross January 22
The National Farmers Union has fought many important battles over the last 50 years. The NFU's stories are inspiring, and need to be known, respected and remembered.
Duncan Cameron January 21
Duncan Cameron
As the world's rich and powerful gather in Davos, it's business as usual for fossil fuel producers, despite the climate emergency.
Rick Salutin January 17
Seemingly non-ideological protest movements and the urgency of the climate crisis indicate we may be moving beyond peak ideology.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan January 17
Moms 4 Housing, a collective of homeless and marginally housed mothers, are fighting against real estate speculators and profiteers in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Linda McQuaig January 16
The forces fighting capitalism's worst excesses are responsible for improving people's lives.
Duncan Cameron January 14
Duncan Cameron
The emphasis on fundraising will hinder caucus candidates anxious mainly to raise their profiles nationally, or draw attention to pet issues.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan January 10
We should be skeptical when Trump, or any leader, invokes secret "intelligence" to justify their violent actions.
Rick Salutin January 10
There's been a growing consensus that the crash wasn't a "normal" one. The plane was new and generally reliable. Pilots were experienced. Takeoff was routine. Then crash.
Rodrigo Samayoa, Digital Freedom Update January 2
As we start a new year, let's look back at some of the highlights from 2019 and what is ahead for our digital rights.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan January 2
Democracy is a constant struggle. From the suffragettes to today's voting rights advocates, securing the right to vote should be a common pursuit of us all.
Rick Salutin December 20
It's not just about being "for the people," it's also about naming the people's enemies.
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono December 20
For the past 60 years, Canada has progressively shrunk the spaces where people can smoke -- including private spaces. The legalization of cannabis is unlikely to reverse that trend.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 19
It seems clear that the Republican-controlled Senate will acquit Trump of these articles of impeachment, and he will remain in office. But that does not deter Congressman Al Green.
Linda McQuaig December 19
The country's six largest banks are dishing out $15 billion in bonuses this year. But, in the eyes of some, this isn't enough.
Duncan Cameron December 17
Duncan Cameron
Three important memoirs written by influential Canadian women: Beverley McLachlin, Libby Davies and Monique Bégin.
Rick Salutin December 13
It's necessary from time to time to update the enemies list. Enemies are harder to identify when they come in casual, tech-ish garb, like Google and Uber.
Monia Mazigh December 13
Monia Mazigh
The carceral system in Canada is filled with tragic cases of racialized prisoners with mental health conditions requiring urgent care but for whom the system led to injury or death.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 12
This year's United Nations climate summit heated up Wednesday as grassroots activists, youth and Indigenous leaders protested en masse outside the main plenary hall.
Matthew Behrens December 12
Canadian Khalid Awan paid one of the heaviest imaginable prices for the system of racial profiling, mass arrests and indefinite detentions that targeted racialized communities after 9/11.
Ole Hendrickson December 11
Ole Hendrickson
Protecting existing high-carbon ecosystems is an effective way to mitigate climate change, and Canada, with its vast expanses of intact forests and wetlands, can play a significant role.
Lois Ross December 11
As we come to the close of 2019, it's important to reflect on some of the major issues affecting agriculture and food production. There have been promising stories and some that are worrisome.
Duncan Cameron December 10
Duncan Cameron
In an incomprehensible attack on the foundations of an advanced society, the Kenney government has decided to slash funding to 21 post-secondary Alberta institutions.
Rick Salutin December 6
The embarrassment isn't in what Justin Trudeau said about Donald Trump, it's what he said about NATO when he spoke the next morning to clean up the mess, with his grown-up face on.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan December 5
Each year for the past four decades, in the short, dark days of December, people have gathered in Sweden's capital to celebrate change-makers, whistleblowers and resistance leaders.
Marie Aspiazu, Digital Freedom Update December 3
Big Telecom is fighting tooth and nail to reverse a landmark CRTC decision that already lowered internet prices in Canada. But we can still stop them.
Duncan Cameron December 3
Duncan Cameron
Imagine living in a place where liberalism and democracy have dissipated, and given way to authoritarian government. Imagine a jurisdiction where open discussion is out of the question.
Rick Salutin November 29
This is a column about how social change sneaks up on you. As Hemingway's character said of how you go bankrupt: Gradually, then suddenly. Hockey has been the most glacial sport in this respect.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan November 28
Thanksgiving is one of the great foundational myths of the U.S. On this holiday, Americans should reflect on the country's true history, and on the Indigenous resistance to colonization.