Judy Rebick October 5
Judy Rebick
The contrast between the conference audience's reaction to Sunera Thobani's speech and that of the media and politicians afterward is sobering. In his war speech, President George W. Bush said, "You
Rachel Giese October 5
The U.S. has come down with a virulent case of patriotism. That was expected, even necessary. The problem is that, in times of conflict, when the nation has been at its most patriotic, it's also at i
Parker Barss Donham October 4
To judge from the public opinion polls, it was, as usual, Chretien who correctly read the mood of the Canadian public. The public shares the universal revulsion at the terrorist attacks, but doesn't
Naomi Klein October 4
Naomi Klein
What do new trade deals have to do with fighting terrorism? Well, the terrorists, we are told again and again, hate America precisely because they hate consumerism: McDonald's and Nike and capitalism
Judy Rebick October 3
Judy Rebick
There are a lot of reasons why many of our most talented women leaders choose to work outside of electoral politics. And today, it is difficult to even get the issue of women's representation onto th
Alejandro Bustos October 3
With an impending armed assault on Afghanistan, there is fear that drug barons will cut their losses and flood Europe with cheap heroin and opium.
Dalton Camp October 3
Obviously, times change and are never precisely the same. The past, however, has been a learning experience in our Canadian struggle to build our own society, one that reflects our values, as we crea
Tom Walkom October 2
Maybe this is the big one. Maybe, September 11 will enter the economic history textbooks as the 2001 equivalent of October 29, 1929, the day the New York stock market crashed ushering in the Depressi
Parker Barss Donham September 30
Until recently, neither Ottawa nor the province had shown much interest in port development, insisting their respective piers would be sold to the highest bidders. The imminent collapse of the Truro-
Michele Landsberg September 30
Instead of pouring billions into weaponry - fatally choosing, say, to arm the so-called Northern Alliance, who are just another version of the Taliban - why not channel the money into massive aid and
Dalton Camp September 30
This is not a war of nations, but a search and seizure mission against a gang of criminals. The first defence against these people is security. We can more easily make the world safer than we can kil
Tom Walkom September 29
From today's vantage point, any suggestion that the U.S. might regard the Taliban at all favourably seems inconceivable. But analysts say it was all part of America's confused and confusing policy to
Michele Landsberg September 29
Some commentators have saluted Mr. Dress-Up, in his passing, as a symbol of a gentler time. I don't agree. Small children have not changed. If parents demanded and supported programming this good, to
Rick Salutin September 28
The Bush administration seems to have concluded that anything like a real war would do more harm than good, so they'll proceed with caution while also addressing what has been called - problematicall
Parker Barss Donham September 26
By arresting Osama bin Laden and subjecting him to trial by an international court, the United States would retain the moral high ground Islamic extremists surrendered with the World Trade Center att
Dalton Camp September 26
It is a revelation, to say the least, to find so many Canadian journalists who seem to feel Canadians are subsumed in America's interests and that our role and choices in such matters as those now be
Tom Walkom September 25
If we do not understand what motivates people to fly jet planes into big buildings we have no chance - no chance - of stopping them. If we do not act to fix the situations that give rise to these mur
Linda McQuaig September 24
George W. Bush wants us to believe we are in a titanic struggle between good and evil. Such thinking strips other people of their human qualities and makes it easy for us to justify doing any amount
Michele Landsberg September 23
At Charles de Gaulle airport, a striking moment: thousands of rushed travellers - Japanese tourists, women in hijab, Africans - fell utterly still and silent for three minutes. It was an almost eerie
Parker Barss Donham September 23
Aside from its moral reprehensibility, the notion of bombing Afghanistan back to the stone age, with or without nukes, has an obvious practical drawback: it's been done.
Tom Walkom September 22
If Washington changes its mind and decides that U.S. national security now requires it to shift its effective border northward to the Arctic Ocean, past experience shows that Canada will find it hard
Michele Landsberg September 22
Doris Anderson is a hero - a woman whose unassuming courage and clarity have had a profound impact on the life of every woman in this country. And she's turning eighty.
Rick Salutin September 21
When these enemies of America actually speak - including numerous interviews with Osama bin Laden - they stress a litany of U.S. policies and acts abroad. They never say they hate American elections
Murray Dobbin September 20
The largely unreported dispute between municipalities and the federal government on trade issues is heating up. Over fifty municipalities - including Vancouver, Ottawa, Windsor, Regina and St. John's
Rachel Giese September 20
What happens next and afterward depends entirely on how much the American people and their government are willing to tone down their bloodthirst and recognize, respect and reflect the sympathy and as
Naomi Klein September 19
Naomi Klein
Many of us, myself included, have felt little but rage and sorrow since September 11. But if our leaders are really following us, we have a responsibility to no longer act on emotion alone. If our le
Parker Barss Donham September 19
On Sunday night, Royal Canadian Mounted Police and federal fisheries officers stood helplessly by as fifty-five white fishing boats raided the tiny lobster zone allocated to the Esgenoopetitj First N
Dalton Camp September 19
New Democratic Party Leader Alexa McDonough's unique contribution was to speak for Canada and give lonely representation to the universal need to contain the resolution of this grievous episode to so
Alejandro Bustos September 18
The western public understandably wants blood. But who exactly is supposed to bleed? And more importantly, what lessons does history teach us about the approaching dark cloud? If the failed war on dr
Tom Walkom September 18
The sheer ease with which the U.S. and its allies have been able to carry out air campaigns in Iraq and Yugoslavia blinded them, and their populations, to a disturbing reality about war: It is never