Tom Walkom September 18
The sheer ease with which the U.S. and its allies have been able to carry out air campaigns in Iraq and Yugoslavia blinded them, and their populations, to a disturbing reality about war: It is never
Parker Barss Donham September 16
With careful thought, additional steps can be found to eliminate the danger of terrorists reprising Tuesday's attacks. The important thing is to concentrate on concrete steps directly focused on the
Dalton Camp September 16
It is folly to speak of going to war, or being at war, or to suggest that by force of arms and embargoes or cajolery and bullying, we can put down terrorism as an earlier generation put down fascism.
Naomi Klein September 14
Naomi Klein
Did the United States deserve to be attacked? Of course not. But there's a different question that must be asked: Did U.S. foreign policy create the conditions in which such twisted logic could flour
Rick Salutin September 14
You can't hunt it down because no country is its home; its home is despair, delusion and faith in values such as cosmic war and an afterlife. You can't "make them pay"; they're already dead. You can'
Rachel Giese September 13
The mainstream media fell to incessant regurgitation and repetition of information, the endless talk that, in the end, didn't say much at all. In stark contrast was the diverse and often excellent co
Dalton Camp September 12
The irony, cruel though it is, seems to be that the wicked were mightily assisted by technology while the most highly sophisticated and powerful nation in the world's history was incapable of defendi
Alejandro Bustos September 11
When it comes right down to it, drug use can be viewed as a form of imperialism. For example, rich countries like Canada and the United States snort mass amounts of coke, while poor countries like Co
Tom Walkom September 11
As their Algoma turnaround illustrates, even Ontario's Conservative government recognizes that some things are too important to be left to the whims of the market.
Linda McQuaig September 10
I certainly wouldn't want to underestimate the pleasure of being able to select the perfect time to maximize one's electricity consumption - but will it be enough to compensate for the higher prices
Dalton Camp September 9
We all remember the Social Credit leader Bob Thompson, the first of the Red Deer sages, who once informed the House, "The Americans are our best friends whether we like it or not." And true it is and
Parker Barss Donham September 9
The average Nova Scotian has no deeper appreciation of the delicate balancing act required for successful collective bargaining than their Premier has. This summer, affection for nurses and other hea
Michele Landsberg September 9
In 2004, the Superheroes will cross Canada from Newfoundland to Vancouver, inspired by one of their loyal members, Hug Man from Vancouver. They'll roll into cities and towns, randomly and blithely an
Michele Landsberg September 8
"If every parent understood the huge educational benefits and intense happiness brought about by reading aloud to their children, and if every parent - and every adult caring for a child - read aloud
Rick Salutin September 7
Walking out is normally a power play. It reveals who and what counts to the walker. Trade counts, so you don't walk out of the World Trade Organization, but racism doesn't, not as much.
Rachel Giese September 6
Watching the conference slowly implode, watching the bafflement as each controversy reared its head, one had to wonder just what the delegates expected was going to happen in Durban. A photo-op with
Parker Barss Donham September 5
Matthew Coon Come's comments at the UN conference on racism, though provocatively phrased, were accurate. Canadian natives have been assigned to tiny reserves that constitute a minute fraction of the
Naomi Klein September 5
Naomi Klein
In a country that remembers the logic of authoritarianism, it is all chillingly familiar: first create a climate of fear and tension; then suspend constitutional rights in the interest of protecting
Dalton Camp September 5
Our advisers are again calling upon the finance minister in his saving role - not to save us, but them. Can we not in Heaven's good name be spared more of the same that has led us to our present redu
Alejandro Bustos September 4
With the international movement towards decriminalization gaining support, questions about legal drug production are becoming ever more relevant.
Tom Walkom September 4
I should be able to see myself strolling through the "green necklace" squeezed between Lake Ontario and the "convergence district" to the helipad, from there to be whisked across arterial roadways un
Parker Barss Donham September 2
Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and his government have embarked on a series of decisions and announcements that seem almost calculated to send an inquiry into the state of industrial relations in Nova
Dalton Camp September 2
Bayer Aspirin had a pill out that stopped people from getting fat in their arteries but it also killed a few people. I don't know if that was in an ad or in the CNN medical news or maybe somewhere el
Rick Salutin August 31
What romantic quest did Conrad Black undertake? To save the beautiful Canadian people from the clutches of left-liberalism and the Liberal Party.
Rachel Giese August 30
While renting out one's womb might seem like the ultimate in female entrepreneurship, in fact, the contracting of pregnancy could greatly undermine women's freedom of choice.
Parker Barss Donham August 29
Lars Osberg, a distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Dalhousie, recently compared his relationship to the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as that of a geographer to the Flat Earth So
Dalton Camp August 29
It is one of life's deeper ironies: As The National Post continually nagged Canadians about living beyond their means, the owner-overseer of that opinion was himself laying out more than he was takin
Judy Rebick August 29
Judy Rebick
As genetic selection becomes increasingly sophisticated, the pressure will be on women to choose only the highest quality embryo through artificial means.
Alejandro Bustos August 28
The war to save democracy has stuffed our prisons with drug offenders, made the criminal underworld rich, assisted in the spread of drugs and made our own governments get into bed with some nasty, na
Linda McQuaig August 28
The market has made amazing inroads lately into human genes. Once the private preserve of the human body, genes have now been recognized for the hot marketable commodity that they are. But while the