Dalton Camp June 13
U.S. President George Bush delivered a presidential homily following Monday's execution of mass-murderer Timothy McVeigh. The publicity attending the execution will give McVeigh status as a hero. It
Thomas Walkom June 12
The ongoing battle between Ontario's Harris government and Cancer Care Ontario has been painted in Goliath-and-David terms. The government has been portrayed as a monolithic, vengeful bully, and tryi
Dalton Camp June 11
Within the Alliance caucus, Calgary West MP Rob Anders is not an aberration. The extremism of his viewpoint, the impulsive boorishness of his action, and the reckless insensitivity are among the fami
Michele Landsberg June 10
York University's School of Women's Studies recently hosted its "Awards and Recognition Dinner." The small and high-spirited affair brought together a talented cross-section of students, graduates an
Parker Barss Donham June 10
Halifax Regional Municipality's use of high-school students to replant trees in Point Pleasant Park drew critical fire. But a meeting with the bright and capable representatives of the student group
Michele Landsberg June 9
Robin Pacific, artist and designer of the female-friendly computer-game <i>Babes in the Woods</i>, recently held a contest. The prize: copies of the game for 50 lucky winners. The challenge: to get i
Rick Salutin June 8
This week the Alliance and Conservative parties got together to talk about uniting the right under a new name. People in the NDP talked about creating a new party and uniting the right. But no matter
Naomi Klein June 7
Naomi Klein
Italy's <i>centri sociali</i> - social centres - are ground zero of a growing political militancy in the country. In the centres, culture and politics mix easily: a debate about direct action turns i
Rachel Giese June 7
Last Friday, Nova Scotia's passed its Bill 75, which amended the province's marital laws to include gay and lesbian relationships. On Monday, four same-sex Nova Scotia couples legally registered thei
Dalton Camp June 6
The days of "Joe Who?" are long gone. The tenacious leader of the Progressive Conservative party is becoming Canada's most valued and respected federal leader. As the Alliance Party's fortunes conti
Parker Barss Donham June 6
It's no surprise that Sempra Atlantic Gas won't be supplying natural gas to all of Nova Scotia as originally hoped. The writing was on the wall back in the fall of 1998. That's when Maritimes and No
Linda McQuaig June 4
The World Bank and the IMF seek to eradicate poverty by redesigning Third World economies along strict market lines. Often, this means that countries wanting to borrow funds must remove government su
Parker Barss Donham June 3
The latest statement on Native fishing from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) adds up to less than half a truth. Native fishers are being denied their rights. Ottawa's real fear is the pol
Dalton Camp June 3
Canada's economy is now outperforming that of the U.S. This news makes one thing clear: the economic pundits don't have a clue about the nation's economic performance, present or future.
Michele Landsberg June 2
In a fit of majoritarian panic, the City of Regina has proclaimed its first Heterosexual Family Pride Day. This is the ultimate in embarrassing acts of appropriation.
Rick Salutin June 1
U.S. politics' sole genius is the ability to generate high-speed drama from from a standing start. Last week's Jim Jeffords story proved one thing: the high drama of a political event is in inverse p
Parker Barss Donham May 30
Sydney, Nova Scotia is the site of what's commonly regarded as the worst industrial waste dump in Canada - if not North America. But bureaucrats and politicians are slowing the clean-up efforts.
Murray Dobbin May 29
A Burnaby B.C. high-school science project uncovered groundwater contamination courtesy of the local Chevron refinery. Turns out that the provincial environment ministry already knew of the toxic lev
Parker Barss Donham May 28
Nova Scotia Speaker of the House Murray Scott wants to increase security in the Nova Scotia Legislature. But each incremental restriction of access makes contact between citizens and lawmakers less n
Rick Salutin May 25
Bad press for proportional representation. Workers' right to choose. Politics at the People's Summit. Settlements, violence and the power of the state of Isreal. Did the media really do in Stockwell
Parker Barss Donham May 13
A decade after the Marshall Commission reported its findings of police racism, two lawyers have effectively been fined a million bucks for asserting that an illegal search of three 12-year-old black
Rachel Giese May 11
One caller is cheesed off because his girlfriend won't have sex when he comes home drunk. Enzo doesn't know why his wife is so mad because he stood her up on their fifth anniversary to go to a hockey
Rick Salutin May 11
Violence simmers in hockey, then it bursts out, then it simmers some more. I'm always amazed at the number of people I go to hockey games with - many, given my circles, of a left-wing or even pacifis
Parker Barss Donham May 9
Some older, wiser Nova Scotia Tory should have a word with newcomer Cecil Clarke; tell him to dial it back before he does his career permanent damage. Let the dinosaurs in the Tory Caucus take some o
Judy Rebick May 8
Judy Rebick
With the first volley of tear gas, a pink dragon flew over the police. One protester said that he thought he was hallucinating when he saw it.
Linda McQuaig May 7
Scrambling to convince doctors and hospitals to treat you when you have no money but desperately need their services is an idea so wild that it's hard for us Canadians to get our heads around it. But
Parker Barss Donham May 6
Nova Scotia has the highest rates of cancer in Canada, and within the province, Cape Breton is a hot spot for lung, breast and stomach cancer. Yet the scope of the problem, the magnitude of the risk
Rick Salutin May 4
There is something obscene about turning a work of art into a product for sale, even though it happens all the time.
Parker Barss Donham May 2
A marijuana activist sues the Crown and a judge for violating his rights.
Murray Dobbin April 30
The past fifteen years has seen a relentless downsizing of social democracy to the point where soon all that will be left is market democracy. That's the brand promoted by the United States and Canad