With or without the approval of the United Nations, the coming war will be a crime against humanity. I am not a pacifist and, in other times, would have joined those calling for war against Hitler. However, except for fools and for the scam artists that the American and British governments have become, Saddam Hussein is not Hitler and is not a threat to global “stability.”

The real threat to the world comes from the war that a hysterical American right-wing seeks to impose on us, whatever the cost. The war could unleash terrible forces, such as a dramatic increase in terrorism, and will deepen the profound conviction driving Osama bin Laden and his followers that the West has declared a new Crusade against Islam.

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Translation by Raghu Krishnan

Editor notes: Quebec-based commentator Gil Courtemanche’s column is published every two weeks in Le Devoir. It appears at rabble.ca with permission.

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Un crime contre l’humanit