This week started off with another Canadian murdered in Afghanistan. Last week saw three Canadians murdered. In August seven more had their lives wasted. Who are those who are murdering Canadians, and why isn’t something being done about it?

Some may argue that the Taliban are the murderers, but is that really so? The Taliban are a bunch of religious fruit cakes for sure, misogynists and vicious to boot, and murderers no doubt, but they are not the only ones in Afghanistan resisting foreign domination, and even if they were, are they really to blame? The fact is that the resistance in Afghanistan is no more to blame for deaths of Canadians than a car is to blame for the death of its drunk driver.

There is no good reason for Canada to be sending people to help subdue and occupy Afghanistan in the service of the United States, other than of course to appease the United States government, and our own defence industry who stands to make a fat profit off of the deaths of Canadians involved in this or any conflict. In fact other than for the reasons that Hitler invaded the rest of Europe, Mussolini invaded Ethiopia, or the Japanese invaded much of Asia, there is no real good reason why any of the NATO countries should be fighting to conquer Afghanistan, no matter what excuses apologists for our aggression care to come up with.

Along with the 97 Canadians whose lives have been squandered in Afghanistan since the Americans led the invasion in 2001, 852 other Allied troops have died, including 580 Americans. Reading through a list of their names brought up memories of my own experiences on battle fields in another needless war over 40 years ago. And, like that war, this one will probably end poorly for the invaders. The big question being how long will it drag on before then.

In a recent article by Kathy Gannon published by the Associated Press, it is reported that the ordinary Afghans have lost faith in both the Allies and in their puppet government. Corruption is rife and the foreigners do not have a good understanding of the Afghan people. And, military policies are killing many civilians. On August 22 one American airstrike alone is said to have killed 90 civilians, most women and children. The U.S. of course denies this, but United Nations and other independent investigators support the account.

As the Allies continue to prop up a corrupt government, kill civilians and otherwise offend the average Afghan, support for the resistance will grow, putting the invasion forces in an even more precarious position. For those who have paid any attention to Afghan history, none of this will be a surprise.

So, this brings us back to the question: who are those who are murdering Canadians, and why isn’t something being done about it?

Those responsible for Canadian deaths in Afghanistan are those who deployed Canadian Forces there in the first place. That would be the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin. It would also be those who could have ended the deployment but choose George Bush and company over the welfare of Canada and Canadians. That would be the current Conservative government of Stephen Harper. They are murderers.

What all Canadians can do about it is to support the troops and not become accessories to their murder by voting for those who would murder them. Canada has no business donating its troops to the U.S. as cannon fodder in Afghanistan or anywhere else. On October 14 every Canadian going to the polls can make a difference by refusing to vote for those that support murder.


Jerry West

Gold River, Vancouver Island Jerry West is the publisher, editor and janitor for The Record, an independent, progressive regional publication for Nootka Sound and Canada’s West Coast. This...