Rick Salutin March 15
Mainstream media continue to make a commendable effort to ignore Bernie Sanders in the hope he'd vanish. Then the polls appear and he and Biden are far ahead. Joe they get, but Bernie?
Linda McQuaig March 14
Claims by billionaires like Bill Gates about capitalism heroically lifting humankind out of poverty turn out to be easily debunked. Imagine if that news got out.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 14
After 75 years of debate, with health-care costs spiraling out of control and the quality of medical care falling short of that in single-payer countries, the time is right for Medicare-for-all.
Thomas Ponniah March 14
Various degrees of fascism, liberalism, and socialism are back precisely because we are again confronted with problems that traditional liberalism cannot solve.
Bill Blaikie March 14
Former MPP Richard Allen told the stories of Canadian left-wing politics in a way that helped many people of faith to see a place for themselves in the struggle for an alternative to capitalism.
Duncan Cameron March 12
Duncan Cameron
Despite his campaign promises, Justin Trudeau has been unable to abandon centralized power. His chosen style of governance is through emphasizing public relations, which is wearing thin.
Rick Salutin March 9
There's way too much stressing in Ottawa over loyalty to the leader and party unity. Intra-party disruptions and disagreements are often signs of a functioning democracy.
Antonia Zerbisias, Broadsides March 8
On International Women's Day we mark women's suffrage and rights, yet there is still a lack of incisive, comprehensive coverage of the murders of women and girls in Canada.
Monia Mazigh March 8
Monia Mazigh
In recent weeks we have seen a confrontation between two visions of politics: one coming from a small male elite and another slowly emerging from centuries of patriarchy and colonialism.
Ole Hendrickson March 6
Ole Hendrickson
The SNC-Lavalin affair rips the veil off the hidden world of corporate influence on government decision-making.
Duncan Cameron March 5
Duncan Cameron
Without evidence of wrongdoing for personal benefit by the prime minister, it is hard to see why Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer would expect Justin Trudeau to resign.
Rick Salutin March 1
Wilson-Raybould's take on the SNC-Lavalin affair reminds us of deep political double standards and Canada's flagrant disregard of Indigenous sovereignty.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update March 1
An internet tax would require internet service providers to pay into content funding. But taxing the open internet to subsidize a struggling Big Media content industry is not the way to go.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 28
Any attempt to heal the deep wounds of racism that scar the United States must include a direct challenge to Donald Trump.
Brynn Leger, Pro Bono February 28
The Supreme Court's ruling in R v Jarvis updates the analysis of a "reasonable expectation of privacy," but does it go far enough in addressing gendered violence?
Brent Patterson February 27
The Stand Up for Land Defenders direct action brought Indigenous and anti-fascist activists together to occupy an intersection in front of Parliament Hill that the United We Roll convoy had set up.
Duncan Cameron February 26
Duncan Cameron
From the outset, NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh faced questions in his quest for a parliamentary seat in Burnaby South. Results from last night's byelection have addressed those concerns.
Rick Salutin February 22
Doug Ford's tax cuts will lower provincial revenues by $22 billion, necessitating spending decreases. Will it diminish the critical thought Ontarians give to public issues?
Matthew Behrens February 22
While the SNC-Lavalin affair has made headlines, there's another corporate scandal that makes the financial figures in that case seem like pocket change. But no major political party will touch it.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 21
The longtime activist used a recent controversy over a Birmingham Civil Rights Institute award to advocate for a better future.
Ole Hendrickson February 21
Ole Hendrickson
Like cigarettes, cars should have health warnings and governments should place tight legal restrictions on auto industry ads and sponsorships.
Duncan Cameron February 19
Duncan Cameron
Demoting the justice minister turns out to have created a political storm that Gerald Butts -- given that he must have been in on the decision -- has attempted to quell with his resignation.
Rick Salutin February 15
I'm not saying this is what Jody Wilson-Raybould was thinking, or even that it's what she might've been thinking, or that it could've affected her decisions. But it's a useful thought experiment.
Linda McQuaig February 14
The Trudeau government talks about restoring democracy to Venezuela, hoping to keep the focus off any suspicions that our involvement is helping Washington get control of Venezuela's oil reserves.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 14
There is a growing call to action to craft laws that implement a true Green New Deal, rapidly shifting the U.S. economy to one that is powered by renewable energy, and to do so in a fair manner.
Bill Blaikie February 14
At the moment there is much irony to be found in the crisis in Canada-China relations, precipitated by the arrest and detainment of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver.
Lois Ross February 13
Saskatchewan is taking the federal government to court over its mandatory climate change program. The National Farmers Union is among those intervening in the court case this week.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update February 12
From Facebook to Big Telecom to NAFTA, OpenMedia takes stock of what the previous year brought us in digital rights -- both accomplishments and challenges -- and what might come in 2019.
Duncan Cameron February 12
Duncan Cameron
The next Alberta election, whenever it comes, matters a lot. Electing a party headed by a mean, deceitful individual is a terrible risk for all citizens of Alberta.
Rick Salutin February 8
What's that crisis in Venezuela about -- in which Canada has meddled so unbecomingly? It's hard to say, because our policy is more hypocritical than principled.