Lois Ross March 22
In the face of climate change -- and the reduced emissions important to corralling rising temperatures -- train is the one mode of transportation that has a future.
Rick Salutin March 18
The U.S. has seen a return to marches, protest, chants and strikes -- necessary acts that are also fun, writes Rick Salutin.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 15
Gina Haspel's work is shrouded in secrecy, but two things are well-known: She ran a CIA "black site" where people were brutally tortured, then she helped cover up the torture.
Linda McQuaig March 15
What's going on in Venezuela is a bitter class war, with millions of poor people committed to defending a revolution carried out in their name, and Canada taking the side of the wealthy opposition.
Wayne MacPhail March 14
It's easy to look back on older technologies: cassettes, carbon paper or acetates and shake our heads in amusement. But the shape of the obsolescence curve hasn't changed, just the slope.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 13
In West Virginia, striking public school teachers and staff celebrated a victory last week, inspiring educators outside their state to take action for better pay and working conditions.
Rick Salutin March 13
There's no inherent opposition between democracy and populism. Populism isn't the enemy of democracy; it springs from it and yearns for it. Populism is democratic, that's why they call it populism.
Monia Mazigh March 9
Monia Mazigh
We're told citizens accused of wrongdoing in democracies are entitled to due process. But it seems ethnicity, religion and social status determine whether the same legal principles are applied to all.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 6
Students in Parkland, Florida are channelling their rage and sorrow over the killing of 17 of their classmates and teachers against the gun lobby and the politicians in their pocket.
Rick Salutin March 6
Ontario Hydro was a public undertaking funded by the public that returned benefits to all. You can't sell it, you can only swipe it and hand it over, as Kathleen Wynne did.
Pro Bono, Celia Chandler March 1
In Canada, size is still an acceptable basis for discrimination, not protected by human rights legislation. It ought to be.
Digital Freedom Update, Marie Aspiazu March 1
This proposal from Bell is just one more example of the ways that Canada's vertically integrated telecom companies are trampling on our internet rights in favour of their concentrated media interests.
June Chua February 28
Edmonton's Youth Poet Laureate and multidisciplinary artist Nasra Adem explores personal truths in their first book of poetry.
Rick Salutin February 26
Why don't Americans ever learn from these things? It's a price they pay for their "exceptionalism"-- they have nothing to learn from others.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 26
The Pentagon is in our public schools, recruiting students to the military. At its side is the NRA, putting guns into the hands of children.
Matthew Behrens February 22
It has been 38 years of almost non-stop warfare and repression, with thousands killed, billions wasted, and Dr. Rafil Dhafir still in jail for violating sanctions
Lois Ross February 20
Next week's federal budget provides an opportunity to reinstate prison farms and improve food security
Linda McQuaig February 16
With key Sanders and Corbyn acolytes attending the Ottawa annual conference, there is a chance to get a jump on Trudeau when it comes to fossil fuel use
Wayne MacPhail February 12
Hearing aid companies are in a classic disruption space. They are incumbents in an industry that offers a high-cost product and are dependent on that high cost and the business models that support it.
Rick Salutin February 10
To such people, newspapers may look like dog turds left by feckless pet owners. There was nothing virtual about them.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 10
Recent reports -- and driver suicides -- in New York City reveal how Uber and Lyft interfere with local regulations and strip drivers of labour rights.
Monia Mazigh February 9
Monia Mazigh
In an era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, it is time to trust women's choices and stories in the face of all sorts of adversity. That includes choices made by Muslim women.
Rick Salutin February 2
Michael Bryant was named executive director of the Canadian Civil Liberties Association recently.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan February 2
For millions of immigrants and their family members around the U.S., the State of the Union was not just a political speech; their lives hang in the balance.
Joyce Arthur February 2
Should taxpayers fund summer jobs for youth where they will be trained to challenge and oppose the Charter rights of others? Anti-choice groups have been using the Canada Summer Jobs fund for years.
Ole Hendrickson February 1
Ole Hendrickson
Corporate dominance of public institutions and the public purse was on full display during a licence hearing for the federal government's nuclear research and waste facilities at Chalk River, Ontario.
Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update February 1
In Canada we pay some of the highest prices for cell phone services in the industrialized world. This makes it a lot harder for many people to access the internet and its benefits.
Rick Salutin January 26
Genuine political anger is an asset in politics but also a rarity. That may be why it’s an asset: it rings true amidst falseness, writes Rick Salutin.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan January 26
Yance Ford has just made history. He has become the first transgender director to be nominated for an Academy Award for his documentary "Strong Island".
June Chua January 26
A mysterious door at a Chinese mall became the gateway into a project for Toronto playwright David Yee, whose latest play examines the racialized spaces of those malls and the Chinese diaspora.