Scott Piatkowski September 17
Scott Piatkowski
With last month’s acquittal of former British Columbia premier Glen Clark, the last of the NDP government’s perceived misdeeds has been dealt with. Perhaps now the province can move on to m
Linda McQuaig September 16
When George Bush, soon after 9/11, provocatively raised the question: "Why do they hate us so?" it seemed inevitable the media would start examining possible reasons. Instead, the media pretty much a
Rick Salutin September 13
Did Americans deserve September 11? To some extent, this depends on whether you are talking symbolically. Surely the people in the buildings and planes did not deserve it or bear responsibility, no m
Jerry West September 11
Jerry West
Today <i>is</i> a day to remember but not just for the attacks of 2001. September 11, 1973, is also worth recalling. It was on that day that Chileanfascists, with the help of the U.S. government, ov
Thomas Walkom September 10
The new, rogue nature of America explains much of the world's unease over Bush's plan to invade Iraq. The French, German, Russian and Canadian governments don't weep for Saddam Hussein. But if Americ
Linda McQuaig September 9
Call me old-fashioned, but I like the idea that we&#146;re a sovereign country and we &#151; not the Oval Office &#151; decide how we&#146;ll spend our money. If we prefer health care and education t
Jane Kansas September 9
It seems that a few Miss World contestants are doing a little thinking outside the my-goal-is-to-be-a-veterinarian-because-I-love-children box. Several contestants are saying they will boycott the pa
Rick Salutin September 6
Even if you see September 11 as an example of crazed, criminal hatred, twisted and convoluted by ideology or religion as such things often are, it remains normal to the human genre. For this reason,
Rachel Giese September 4
As immortalized in the Winona Ryder movie <I>Heathers,</I> there&#146;s a cruel Machiavellian world of girls out there. Cheap entertainment, yes. But is that all our culture is prepared to say about
Jerry West September 3
Jerry West
Against almost universal international disapproval, the United States now seeks to carry out a major act of aggression against a country that poses no threat to American territory except for that fou
Jane Kansas September 3
My mother is lonely. It's been eighteen months since she lost her house, her books, her cats, and the love of two of her children. Now she has a room in a seniors' residence in downtown Ottawa.
Thomas Walkom September 2
On the clock. Mr. Prime Minister, you've got eighteen months to create a legacy -- fixing both medicare and crumbling cities is a start -- that will allow you to be remembered for more than fiscal pa
Rick Salutin September 1
The language of war. A few months back, terms like <I>regime change</I> would have been cryptic. Who wouldn&#146;t want a regime change? Kids want one from their parents. Fans want a regime change at
Jane Kansas August 29
Prime Minister Jean Chr&#195;&#169;tien&#146;s latest announcement of his 2004 retirement is a good example of the nature of our power addicted species, politicians especially &#151; instead of quitt
Linda McQuaig August 29
Unfair grading. By the standards of today's accounting scandals, the Toronto school trustees recent audit marks looks pretty tepid &#151; no billion-dollar fantasy revenues, no multi-million-dollar s
Gil Courtemanche August 29
Put together by large, finely tuned organizations, Montreal's summer festivals' "popularity" are marked by their large turnout. Genuinely popular festivals -- where events flow from a collective will
Rick Salutin August 26
It often seems the only issue the Tories are eager to discuss is whether they should merge with the Alliance to &#147;unite the right&#148; and thus challenge the mighty Liberals. All right. The answ
Rachel Giese August 23
In the dog days of August, in what is traditionally called the silly season in the news world, everyone wants to take it easy. And if it weren&#146;t for Iraq, Waco, and Canadian federal politics &#1
Thomas Walkom August 20
In the wake of September 11, critics warned that police and government would use tough new powers to settle old scores. The critics appear to be right, especially in the latest case from Courtenay, B
Jane Kansas August 19
Up up and away. It seems most people just want to get where they want to go, safely, on time and at a fair price; if so many Canadians are so keen for American services, they must not be getting what
Linda McQuaig August 19
While business and its think tanks will try to convince Canadians otherwise, the fact is that the federal government's surpluses will rise steadily and hugely over the next twenty years making a mock
Rick Salutin August 16
The good up, the bad down, and the ugly. It&#146;s worse than sports scores. No one equates those with a society&#146;s welfare. Yet stock markets have somehow managed to equate themselves with the e
Linda McQuaig August 14
Stand up to big brother. In debates about whether or not to support the expanded U.S. war on terror, it's been argued that full co-operation with the States would give Canada greater influence with W
Jane Kansas August 12
When it comes time to shore up the dock or haul some rock out of the garden, Bill Blaikie, the Winnipeg-Transcona MP in the running for the NDP leadership, seems like the kind of guy who'd be good to
Rick Salutin August 9
Largely to do with the inadequacies of politicians, and the current bent of the gay rights movement, the same-sex marriage debate raises no hard or significant issues for the rest of society.
Jane Kansas August 6
Of course the radical dyke, small el liberal side of me wants gay marriages to be legal, but I can't comprehend why two people already in for the long haul would want to ape heterosexual convention a
Thomas Walkom August 6
There have been no calls by outraged opposition politicians for an investigation. And, not a Jones or a Bouchard, there are no "Save Mohamed Mansour Jabarah" fundraising luncheons being organized in
Linda McQuaig August 6
Cocky miscalculations. It turns out the biggest success stories of the new era -- Enron, WorldCom, Global Crossing, Adelphia -- and their giddiest claims of having unlocked the mysteries of ever-incr
Rick Salutin August 2
I think the cult of personality is the apt model to describe the feeling the Pope envokes, rather than the pop star or celebrity. The personality cult propagates an ideology, a demand to view society
Linda McQuaig July 30
CBC or Radio Free Vatican? Celebration and hype has become the stock-in-trade of the media, but there&#226;e(TM)s usually a little self-restraint, a faint glimmer of recognition that the media should