Thomas Walkom May 7
Animal politics. After four years and two name changes, passing a bill in Canada to tighten laws against animal torturers, is still being subjected to relentless humming and hawing from the Canadian
Linda McQuaig May 6
Money talks, education walks. Doesn't take a degree, or a hefty student loan to get that concept. And if our schools' only chance of survival is big business, guess what our kids are learning?
Thomas Walkom May 4
Flip flop. Similar to that of a freshly landed fish, the Ontario public watches the Ontario government's squirmy on-again, off-again dance to privatize Hydro One.
Rick Salutin May 3
There is a mystery to the strength of the bond between Israel and the United States which may be built on the American notion of exceptionalism.
Lyle Stewart May 3
McKenzie is the onetime concierge-en-chef of the Rhinoceros Party of Canada, an absurdist politician who excels in deflating the stuffed shirts that populate our politics. That and other essential pu
Thomas Walkom April 30
Selling Hydro One wasn't part of the plan after all. Rather, the nervous Ontario government was operating more along the - if the old Ontario Hydro monopoly ain't broke, why fix it? - line. Until - t
Michele Landsberg April 28
I can't hear you! With the Canadian public's needs turned way down and the corporate frequency turned way up, the Conservatives - acting truly indifferent to what the majority wants - are tuned exclu
Michele Landsberg April 27
The Canadian public's concern about Senator Michael Kirby -champion of the recent gung-ho privatizing health care report touting the unsustainability of public medicare - and his conflict of interest
Thomas Walkom April 27
Turn to the left, turn to the right. What's with Canada's New Democratic Party? Has it fallen victim to right-wing media, determined never to give social democrats a break? Or is it an anachronism, a
Rachel Giese April 26
Beautiful British Columbia just lost some of its shine. Liberal Gordon Campbell's mail-in ballot referendum on treaty negotiations continues to taint the provinces good looks with his gang's ugly pos
Lyle Stewart April 26
Depending on whose science you choose to believe, either there is a health and environmental catastrophe unfolding in Quebec's near north or simply some cause for moderate concern.
Murray Dobbin April 25
Until Canada addresses the issue head-on, and as long as British Columbia's stumpage fees get under the rumps of American interests, there will never be peace in the lumber business.
Naomi Klein April 24
Naomi Klein
With Jewish fear now being used by Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon as a guarantee his power will go unchecked - giving him a green light to carry out unthinkable abuses against the Palestinian
Thomas Walkom April 23
First stop, Ontario Hydro sell off, next stop public drinking water. Privatizing Ontario's municipal water and sewage systems is not a new idea. Sure, no municipality has sold off its waterworks - ye
Michele Landsberg April 21
To persuade Canadians to part with their most cherished principle - universal access to publicly funded health care - medical spokespeople, right-wing think-tanks, extremist provincial governments, b
Michele Landsberg April 20
Find the perfect treat at Toronto's Market Gallery, where the City of Toronto Archives exhibits an unusual collection of ... Torontonalia. Everything from old horse trolley tickets to Victory garden
Thomas Walkom April 20
Return to sender. The Ontario government's controversial electricity reform - which picked up steam in 1998 when Tory Premier Mike Harris passed a sweeping law to dismember Ontario Hydro - is now rig
Rick Salutin April 19
Two weeks ago, George W. Bush told Israel to end its invasion of Palestinian territory "without delay" then sent his Secretary of State to back it up. Israel ignored and defied him. In response, the
Rachel Giese April 19
How is the desire of Sharon Duchesneau and Candace McCullough - the deaf couple who used a deaf sperm donor to increase the odds of having a deaf child - any different from all would-be parents with
Linda McQuaig April 16
The whipping posts are gone. Vagabonds are free to walk about today in Ontario; at least for now, since Ernie Eves beat out leadership contender Jim Flaherty who had pledged to jail the homeless. But
Thomas Walkom April 16
Rarely has United States President George Bush's energy doctrine been as starkly visible as it was on Friday. That was when rebel military forces overthrew democratically elected Venezuelan Presiden
Michele Landsberg April 14
When I read the full text of the Tony Fell (the wealthy banker who wants Ontario to follow Alberta's "lead" in privatizing its health-care services) speech to the Canadian Club last week, I noticed s
Michele Landsberg April 13
When the United States immigration service blunderingly sent a student visa to two of the hijackers âe" six months after they had died in their terror attack on the World Trade Center, many snic
Rick Salutin April 12
I've always assumed that those in power talk one way to each other on subjects such as the Middle East (about oil, Israel as their policeman, power politics etc.) and another way publicly (about demo
Lyle Stewart April 12
The end to permanent job status for the majority of Radio Canada's newsroom employees raises societal questions about the nature of work and our social contract. If a decent, dignified and minimally
Thomas Walkom April 9
Toughening up the animal torture aspects of Canada's Criminal Code might seem a no-brainer. Passing a law to stop torture and abuse would be a useful start. And in its own lackadaisical way, the fede
Michele Landsberg April 7
Nothing in the Middle East is simple; there is no easy division between good guys and bad guys; there will be no quick resolution to this tortured impasse that has been a century in the making. And i
Michele Landsberg April 6
President Bush's proposal that US$300 million of the welfare budget be set aside to promote marriage - with a further US$135 million for abstinence-until-marriage education - is like noticing that ta
Lyle Stewart April 5
In recent weeks, Ottawa has begun the long, drawn out process in regards to its labeling policy on genetically modified foods.
Rick Salutin April 5
With the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East, certain questions need to be answered. Who's to blame for the war? Can we even call it a war? When will it end? How?