Lyle Stewart March 15
Despite the tens of millions of hidden taxpayer dollars thrown into the personal relations battle on behalf of the biotechnology industry, the consumer acceptance battle has largely been lost. Survey
Rachel Giese March 14
In September, sixty-two draft-age students from Israel signed a letter to Sharon protesting government policy and stating their refusal to serve in the army. "We strongly resist Israel's pounding of
Thomas Walkom March 12
Wherever health commissioner Roy Romanow goes in his wanderings across Canada, Council of Canadians head Maude Barlow follows, warning Canadians about what she sees as Prime Minister Chré
Linda McQuaig March 11
The outpouring of emotion over Canada's Olympic hockey conquest seems to me like an expression of defiance, a spontaneous rising up of people who are sick of being told by commentators and "market wa
Michele Landsberg March 10
For six years, the Ontario government has been shamelessly sponging off the backbreaking work of women whose job it is to prevent domestic murder. Nevertheless, the workers in that high-stress field
Michele Landsberg March 9
Members of Challenge the Church - a coalition of Catholic and non-Catholic social justice groups - intend to try to protect the half-million enthusiasts who will flood Toronto next July for World You
Judy Rebick March 8
Judy Rebick
From the governments of British Columbia and Canada to the struggles for equality in Afghanistan, there isn't much to cheer about during this year's International Women's Day. But still, great hope c
Rick Salutin March 8
A number of America's European allies met last month to "focus on conditions that breed terrorism" where they put special stress on poverty. Let's say instead that it is not poverty, but a sense of i
Rachel Giese March 7
Because of the ever increasing threat of violence in the upcoming elections in Zimbabwe, Oxfam Canada and Amnesty International Canada have created a program where Canadian MPs are paired up with Zim
Thomas Walkom March 5
While federal health commissioner Roy Romanow says that public hearings will be central to the recommendations he plans to make this fall to Prime Minister Jean Chrétien on what to do with
Thomas Walkom March 5
In the city where medicare was born, Roy Romanow's travelling health commission kicked off its public hearings yesterday with fanfare, a bitter argument and a piece of testimony which, in some ways,
Thomas Walkom March 3
Ross Dowson was a Toronto figure whose adult life spanned the insanity known as the Cold War and whose fate and obsessions have eerie echoes today in the post-September 11 world.
Rick Salutin March 1
The Olympics are almost entirely a celebration of nationalism, not individual achievement, and in the era of globalization, national passions show no sign of becoming obsolete ...
Rachel Giese February 28
This might sound a little crazy, but I love Jim Flaherty. I love him for speaking his mind and I love him for sticking to his ill-advised principles. Every time he opens his mouth I feel a thrill of
Thomas Walkom February 26
The ironies of how a country can be so passionate in its hockey nationalism, yet so blasé about the deliberate whittling away of institutions that define its very existence, are so rich as
Linda McQuaig February 25
With the terms "America-hating" and "bank-basher" as staples of media discourse these days, the suggestion seems to be that anyone who questions how Canadian banks or the United States government exe
Thomas Walkom February 24
Strange people showing up at the doorstep trying to sell Ontarians power they thought they already owned, is what the Ontario government says is all part of a brave new world ...
Michele Landsberg February 24
While the George family is in tatters of grief, ill health and stress, Ontario Premier Mike Harris, looking fit and hearty from the golf course, may never answer our questions about Dudley George's d
Michele Landsberg February 23
It's not in Torontonians nature to mimic the happy self-absorption of New Yorkers; we know too well that we are not the centre of the universe ...
Rick Salutin February 22
I believe I've found documentary evidence of what it means to be a superpower in the twenty-first century.
Lyle Stewart February 22
When Bill Clinton testified, "I did not have sexual relations with that woman," his approval ratings went up - even though, or because, people knew he was lying. They expected him to lie. Telling the
Rachel Giese February 21
In the war against terrorism, what do you do when your friends and supporters say, "Enough is enough, this is no longer the appropriate approach to terrorism"? Do you listen to their counsel? Do you
Thomas Walkom February 19
The quiet departure of Saskatoon health-policy analyst Steven Lewis does not bode well for Roy Romanow's inquiry into public health care. Lewis — once touted as a crucial member of the Romanow t
Naomi Klein February 18
Naomi Klein
Based on the simultaneous mass events in New York and Porto Alegre, Brazil, last week, maybe change isn't really about what is said and done in the centre, but instead about the hidden strengths from
Michele Landsberg February 17
It is not a news story, and nobody is the wiser, when the knock comes suddenly at the door and âe" in our name âe" good people are seized and deported.
Michele Landsberg February 16
While right-wing media preached the glories of greed, selfishness and profits-at-any-cost, a growing number of Canadians were quietly deciding to make an exodus from that Arctic of the heart.
Rick Salutin February 15
A group of Israeli army reservists have publicly said they refuse to serve in the occupied territories. The impact here is that they have cut through the fear and rage that cloud clear thinking on bo
Lyle Stewart February 15
Vladimir Putin actually had a few compliments recently for Jean Chrétien, including praise for his support of their accession into the World Trade Organization, as they said, "on terms tha
Rachel Giese February 14
Twenty-nine years after the landmark decision in Roe v. Wade legalized abortion, women's reproductive choice in the United States is again under attack with the recent announcement of a change to the
Dalton Camp February 13
According to the important Ottawa media, Paul Martin has been a sure thing in the snail's race for the succession of the Prime Minister because he has waited longest for the job. If he is somehow rob