Rick Salutin August 2
I think the cult of personality is the apt model to describe the feeling the Pope envokes, rather than the pop star or celebrity. The personality cult propagates an ideology, a demand to view society
Rachel Giese July 30
What's cooking? Potluck! The government's plans of getting to the root of the structural problems that led to the recent slew of publicized corporate infamies, while chastising the corporate sector f
Linda McQuaig July 30
CBC or Radio Free Vatican? Celebration and hype has become the stock-in-trade of the media, but thereâe(TM)s usually a little self-restraint, a faint glimmer of recognition that the media should
Jane Kansas July 30
This week Toronto and Canada welcomed a man who, for millions, stands for the word of God on earth, but for millions more is the symbol of intolerance.
Gil Courtemanche July 30
Zap. Like a lightning bolt in the clear blue skies of political life in Brittany, pooling their shared aspirations for a new participatory democracy, a coalition of socialist and communist members, f
Thomas Walkom July 30
Legal purism? How about the simple rules? The unlawful way the Canadian government gave up Canadian citizen, Mohamed Mansour Jabarah, to be jailed -- without charge or reference to any law or court -
Linda McQuaig July 30
Same old, same old. Guessing the organizers weren't going to get around to it, a group of local anti-poverty activists turned the focus of World Youth Day to homelessness and the rising number of poo
Thomas Walkom July 27
Given that thousands are homeless in Toronto -- with thousands more being evicted each year -- Toronto and the provincial government might have been expected to do help. Now the Ontario Coalition Aga
Rick Salutin July 26
The cult of personality the Pope possesses undermines World Youth Day and that emergent adolescent sense of autonomy and control. It's no more attractive than any modern personality cult: Chinese you
Scott Piatkowski July 25
Scott Piatkowski
Flush. RRSPs and private pension plans are taking the biggest hit as stocks spiral down the toilet, and the hand on the toilet handle is good old-fashioned corporate greed (something we didn't mind a
Murray Dobbin July 25
Feel Good Corporate Takeover. If Canadians actually buy the argument about C2P3s -- the front-group for some of the world's largest corporations -- providing better and cheaper public services, it wi
Jane Kansas July 24
Puppet Activism. While the children's show "Sesame Street" doesn't deal with how people get sick and die, its first HIV-positive Muppet character, soon to make its debut to children of South Africa,
Thomas Walkom July 23
While the Ontario public obsesses over recently fired Hydro One chief Eleanor Clitheroe, and her expense account fiddling, the real problems stem from Hydro One's fundamentally flawed electricity pol
Thomas Walkom July 21
Good old fashioned American way. Ontario's controversial new MRI and CT scan policy (Speerheaded by Ontario Health Minister Tony Clement), stating Ontarians may pay privately for these procedures out
Rick Salutin July 19
Toronto police have provisionally concluded that last Sunday's murder of David Rosenzweig was not a hate crime and so the media have pretty much decamped, since the story's essence for them was never
Linda McQuaig July 18
The old-boy, crony network continues to thrive as we witness how far things have moved from the days when governments were expected to protect something called the âeoepublic good.âe
Thomas Walkom July 16
Sounding a familliar bell. With anti-semitism as the Christian West's great shame (persisting for centuries) the senseless murder of David Rosenzweig in Toronto, early yesterday, unlocks everyone's f
Scott Piatkowski July 15
Scott Piatkowski
Who wants to play? In sheer numbers, as Canadian society is becoming less homogeneous, and the legacy of progressive immigration policies and multiculturalism is felt more profoundly, soccer is becom
Rick Salutin July 12
On Wall Street, in a speech about the recent cases of economic fraud and deception, President Bush felt a need to "reaffirm the basic principles and rules that make capitalism work." That sounds seri
Jerry West July 11
Jerry West
C'mon Georgie, Play fair. The good news is the International Criminal Court is up and running, the bad news is the United States has, under President George W. Bush, turned its back on international
Gil Courtemanche July 11
Party Emergency. Racing to stem the rising tide of the Action Democratique du Quebec, put the breaks on the right-leaning tendencies within his own Parti Québécois, and inject s
Rachel Giese July 9
While Mayor Mel Lastman fumes over the garbage strike, CUPE 416 leader Brian Cochrane shows poise over the "job-for-life" issue.
Linda McQuaig July 9
Behind Canada’s largest municipal strike in history, is the fact that Toronto is considering privatizing many of its services. But shouldn't recent disastrous corporate behaviour allow us to ret
Rick Salutin July 5
It is striking how many Torontonians seem resentful of the recent garbage strike. You hear it often: I don't have any job guarantees so why should they? - as if misery has a right to lots of company.
Linda McQuaig July 4
Cozy thoughts of trade, not aid. The party line in the west is, despite our generosity, people are dying over there in Africa. And what's needed is a little tough love on our part.
Jerry West July 4
Jerry West
Getting Colder. While the great adventure in Afghanistan rages on, American, Canadian and Afghani civilians continue to die. And it is obvious by now, that the war against terror, will not be won by
Lyle Stewart July 4
Strike three, I'm walking. I knew my status at the Montreal Gazette was strictly one of a progressive fig leaf (a tiny one at that). But I viewed it as a small way to bring editorial diversity to Mon
Gil Courtemanche July 2
Before the ashes from the Action Democratique eruption in the June 17th by-elections in Quebec had settled, a number of Parti Quebecois and Parti libéral du Québec leaders were
Murray Dobbin July 2
Clubhouse meeting souring. All the pomp and ceremony at last week's meeting in Kananaskis suggested serious democratic leaders grappling with stubborn problems. Except this gang -- more like a politi
Rick Salutin June 28
The entire world of international politics is filled with inconsistencies; it is pretty much equivalent to them. If people reacted to pronouncements by world leaders on world affairs the way they do