Thomas Walkom June 27
Not to be overlooked. No, there was no tear gas, no pitched battles with police, no broken windows. There was, however, a clear and strong solidarity between organized labour and the social action gr
Thomas Walkom June 26
It's pretty much business as usual in the ongoing struggle over globalization in Calgary, Alberta. And protesters seem as dedicated in their work as the summiteers -- and perhaps even more confident.
Linda McQuaig June 26
Media owner omnipotence is a time-honoured tradition in journalism, and newspapers reserve the right to throw out editorials at their leisure. So what's different about the Aspers and Russell Mills?
Rachel Giese June 25
Canada's a big country, with lots of room for a diversity in religious beliefs, ideas, opinions, and ways of living. Still, there are limits on the religious freedoms protected by the Charter and the
Murray Dobbin June 24
Full of never-ending surprises. From his misleading election campaign promises to his continued blatant, breathtaking lies to the province, British Columbia Premier, Gordon Campbell's double speak is
Rick Salutin June 21
Yesterday, we learned that Toronto's new opera house will be named after Four Seasons hotels, in genuflection to a twenty-million dollar tax write-off. "It's not just about philanthropy," said the co
Linda McQuaig June 19
Africa has left the stadium. African poverty is in the spotlight this month. With the latest showcasing of concern coming from rock stars, to shifty politicians, to the upcoming G8 for Africa, one co
Thomas Walkom June 18
Beyond Oil and Back. The T-word spelled out. American prez, George W. Bush's war on terrorism is about more than noble entrepreneurial spirit -- although Americans are notoriously noble (grin) -- it
Murray Dobbin June 17
Best suited for this job? Why is Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper interested in leading a country (Canada) he obviously can't stomach? And is contempt a great leadership strategy?
Thomas Walkom June 15
To disobey or not. In the post-September 11 world, the protest movement has run into its own roadblocks, and critics of globalization - particularly the unions - have become wary of demonstrations th
Rick Salutin June 14
Lately, the Liberals have been able to ignore any challenge from the left, due to a demoralized NDP (it would be hard to understate how depressed many members are); leaders who tended to fade from vi
Lyle Stewart June 14
Columnist Lyle Stewart has defected -- he's decided to become Ray Mowling, former Monsanto head and current director of the Council for Biotechnology Information. The occasion? An interview with acti
Gil Courtemanche June 13
Over the past few weeks, midway through his current mandate, Canadian Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, must have been contemplating the mark he wanted to leave on Canadian history.
Rachel Giese June 13
If you're wondering why hundreds of millions of people are starving around the world, the United Nations food summit held earlier this week in Rome provides some explanations: Indifference. Mismanage
Thomas Walkom June 11
My view is that public interest in the Paul Martin-Jean Chrétien feud has more to do with the lack of alternatives. With prime time television reverting to summer reruns and no more Stockw
Linda McQuaig June 9
Ouch. It's hard not to feel Stephen Harper suffers from a strain of anti-Canadianism, mixed with a heavy dose of pro-Americanism - a winning combination for a Canadian leader, it is not.
Rick Salutin June 7
Can someone please tell me what Jean and Paul have done between them in nine years in power, with no big disagreements by their own testimony, besides extending the Mulroney agenda they were hell-ben
Rachel Giese June 6
Ahh if only. If only the scandal hunt and the Liberal power struggle were actually about more than scoring political points, and if only there was a glimmer of hope that all this outrage might lead t
Thomas Walkom June 4
What ultimately drove Canada's Finance Minister Paul Martin from cabinet had nothing to do with public policy and everything to do with his own ambition. He had the second best job in government but
Lyle Stewart May 31
As India and Pakistan inch closer to the ultimate insanity that is nuclear war, an American intelligence report says such an event could kill up to twelve million people and injure seven million more
Rachel Giese May 31
The Trouble With Sylvia. Hewlett's book and her media bandwagon have reduced women to their most basic biological function and subjected their lives and choices to the most sweeping judgments and pre
Rick Salutin May 31
I'd like to say a good word for government corruption, given the pasting that it's taken this week. So here it is. Corruption is so comfortable and reassuring, compared to most political news of rece
Gil Courtemanche May 29
No one - not even in the Action Democratique itself - expected that this party would reach the heights of popularity revealed in a poll this week. Neck-and-neck with the Liberals, and well ahead of t
Thomas Walkom May 28
Dangerous to your health. While both Alberta and Ontario are tripping over themselves to privatize medicare - and have in fact, each recently passed laws to realize this sickly vision - the <I>Canad
Rachel Giese May 27
Ahh Spring. Bringing in fresh cover-ups, obvious double-talk and transparent damage-control, from America's presidential and corporate backrooms, to you. Get out the anti-histamines, the hay fever is
Thomas Walkom May 25
Heading the inquiry into the Walkerton affair - when seven people were killed two years ago in Walkerton, Ontario due to cow manure laced with E. coli and other bacteria getting into the town's water
Lyle Stewart May 24
Citizens should critically examine the hidden ties between industry, government and seemingly independent non-governmental organizations, particularly over the issue of food biotechnology.
Rick Salutin May 24
Remember Dick Cheney saying: ". . . do all that we can to ensure that . . . 9/11 never happens again." Well, I'm saying he was lying. They have chosen not to do all they can. This may sound like my p
Scott Piatkowski May 23
Scott Piatkowski
Unfair Casting. It would be unfortunate if the latest events led even one Canadian woman to reject midwifery as an option for care during pregnancy and childbirth.
Lyle Stewart May 17
Why can Montrealers identify with their Canadiens despite the millionaire lifestyles most of them now lead? It's because these hockey stories matter in this real-life soap opera called the playoffs.