Michele Landsberg April 13
When the United States immigration service blunderingly sent a student visa to two of the hijackers âe" six months after they had died in their terror attack on the World Trade Center, many snic
Rick Salutin April 12
I've always assumed that those in power talk one way to each other on subjects such as the Middle East (about oil, Israel as their policeman, power politics etc.) and another way publicly (about demo
Lyle Stewart April 12
The end to permanent job status for the majority of Radio Canada's newsroom employees raises societal questions about the nature of work and our social contract. If a decent, dignified and minimally
Thomas Walkom April 9
Toughening up the animal torture aspects of Canada's Criminal Code might seem a no-brainer. Passing a law to stop torture and abuse would be a useful start. And in its own lackadaisical way, the fede
Michele Landsberg April 7
Nothing in the Middle East is simple; there is no easy division between good guys and bad guys; there will be no quick resolution to this tortured impasse that has been a century in the making. And i
Michele Landsberg April 6
President Bush's proposal that US$300 million of the welfare budget be set aside to promote marriage - with a further US$135 million for abstinence-until-marriage education - is like noticing that ta
Lyle Stewart April 5
In recent weeks, Ottawa has begun the long, drawn out process in regards to its labeling policy on genetically modified foods.
Rick Salutin April 5
With the recent escalation of violence in the Middle East, certain questions need to be answered. Who's to blame for the war? Can we even call it a war? When will it end? How?
Jerry West April 3
Jerry West
While quietly authorizing the shipment of thousands of truck loads of raw logs to U.S. mills, B.C. Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell continues talking tough from one of his faces, while laying the grou
Thomas Walkom April 3
Canadian health commissioner Roy Romanow faces a double problem: Not only does he have to persuade Canada's Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to pay attention to his recommendations, he also ha
Linda McQuaig April 3
When it comes to enforcing co-operation on international financial instability and fighting world poverty - actually making the world a better place - President George Bushâe(TM)s tall-in-the-sa
Thomas Walkom April 2
Anyone who wants to avoid the intensive care units of hospitals - and who has a choice - might keep this in mind; what's false about the new blame-the-patient theory is that lifestyle choices are the
Michele Landsberg March 31
Every time John Robin Sharpe drags his wormy little fantasy world of violent child rape and floggings back into the spotlight, he not only gets to torment the public but he also seems to relish anoth
Michele Landsberg March 30
At Macy's beautiful, exuberant and lavish spring flower show, there is, thankfully, no little shrine to those who died on September 11. And no mound of American flags and teddy bears bearing witness
Lyle Stewart March 29
In the food fight over genetic engineering, the reality is that the Canadian government and the biotech industry - it's almost impossible now to distinguish between the two - do not want us to know w
Rick Salutin March 29
On the eve of Mike Harris's departure - realizing devastation is not much of a legacy, that something positive would be preferable - are arts buildings the best the man can come up with, without undo
Rachel Giese March 28
Mike Hall wants what any normal teenager would want in highschool, to bring his partner to the prom. The problem? His partner is a man and the Catholic school board has refused to allow him to do so.
Thomas Walkom March 26
The proposed privatization of Hydro One, the transmission arm of what used to be Ontario Hydro, is bizarre, and has managed to sail through with little public debate âe" mainly because Ontarians
Michele Landsberg March 25
Artemisia Gentileschi, as one modern commentator put it, "suffered a scholarly neglect that is almost unthinkable for an artist of her calibre." Even in her own time, when she was indisputably the fi
Michele Landsberg March 23
The idea is not to supplant the traditional family observance âe" a great thing about Judaism is how home-based many of the rituals are âe" but to add an extra dimension. And it's not just
Rachel Giese March 22
The mystery of altruism: Why do some people act unselfishly and put themselves in great danger to help others who are often strangers to them? Are they more courageous, or do they have a greater cons
Rick Salutin March 22
We currently endure a generation of callow leaders lacking that perspective. Dalton Camp was the kind of conservative who once stood for the "organic" wholeness and mutual responsibility of a society
Thomas Walkom March 19
I don't think it was the hour long wait for my luggage, or the massive overbooking, or the hour long delay, or even Air Canada's desperate pleas for customers to switch to other flights ...
Naomi Klein March 19
Naomi Klein
The same financiers who happily lined the pockets of politicians and armygenerals in exchange for local contracts should hardly be trusted to do Argentina's house cleaning. The residents are taking o
Michele Landsberg March 17
While it's impossible to imagine the future thinking of a person to whom the millennium and September 11 will be ancient history, it's already clear how the birth of our first grandbaby has changed t
Thomas Walkom March 17
Two weeks into the Roy Romanow cross-Canada medicare tour, an image is beginning to come into focus, most Canadians still desperately want medicare.
Michele Landsberg March 16
When challenged to celebrate Toronto, a sense of personal connection with its shops, streetscapes, old houses, laneways and parks distinguishes the way Torontonians connect most strongly to their cit
Rick Salutin March 15
The problem with relying on experts is they often take their own particular expertise rather than everyone's common humanity as the basis for analysis. The result is advice based on our differentness
Lyle Stewart March 15
Despite the tens of millions of hidden taxpayer dollars thrown into the personal relations battle on behalf of the biotechnology industry, the consumer acceptance battle has largely been lost. Survey
Rachel Giese March 14
In September, sixty-two draft-age students from Israel signed a letter to Sharon protesting government policy and stating their refusal to serve in the army. "We strongly resist Israel's pounding of