Linda McQuaig February 10
Did American President George Bush simply forget the name of that large country north of the border - far too subservient to United States power, behaving more like a suburb of the American metropoli
Dalton Camp February 10
There are many Canadians who dislike this war and many who dislike it but are not allowed to say so or express their doubts or admit to skepticism without inviting the Canadian government's singular
Judy Rebick February 8
Judy Rebick
The spirit of the World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil, was deeply moving. Colourful, spirited demonstrations happened every day. On the last day, tens of thousands of people jammed an auditori
Rick Salutin February 8
Enron, the ant-magician, have given away the secret of a great trick of the past twenty years. I mean the fake debate over government versus private enterprise, or public versus private sector.
Lyle Stewart February 8
As the Enron story amply demonstrates, our own business media need a dose of self-reflection as well. For Enron was not just a business, but a model for ordering the economy and, by extension, a soci
Rachel Giese February 7
Amnesty International Canada believes anyone who commits criminal acts or violates human rights should face justice, and that this stance in no way no way excuses or belittles America what happened o
Tom Walkom February 5
Bush Junior has discovered the perfect way to avoid his father's fate - war without end. The war against terror can go on indefinitely because, unlike the Gulf War, or the Second World War or even th
Dalton Camp February 3
Few are left to believe in the divine right of kings. But the more I see of the monarchy, the more I grow uneasy in the company of an imperial presidency.
Michele Landsberg February 3
If women had real clout in Jean Chrétien's government âe" clout like Paul Martin's âe" the Prime Minister would not have risked such a demeaning display of contempt.
Michele Landsberg February 2
Is it any wonder that, years and thousands of cigarettes later, when smoking had become so firmly a part of Peter's identity, he didn't succeed in dozens of efforts to quit because, as he admitted, "
Rick Salutin February 1
Since September 11, I would say we have lived in a world dominated by abstractions that are neither good nor evil, but simply cheesy, and which don't help much at all.
Rachel Giese January 31
The controvercy over prisoners would have been better handled if the U.S. had paid more than lip service to the September 11 attacks as a global war on terrorism and actually took some guidance from
Dalton Camp January 30
Why can't the media visit the contentious Cuban prisoner of war camps? Why can't the allied media visit the camps and interview the imprisoned? What is their secret?The secrets here are the same as a
Thomas Walkom January 29
So far, the Walkerton tragedy has focused on individuals, such as Premier Mike Harris, who thought environmental regulations didn't matter, or the egregious Koebel brothers who systematically mismana
Linda McQuaig January 28
Paul Tellier, chief executive of Canadian National Railway and some other business leaders have concluded that economic integration - even adopting the American dollar - is inevitable. While it may n
Michele Landsberg January 27
Thanks to vigilant students, brave teachers, outspoken parents and furious media literacy activists, the campaign to bring commercial TV into Canadian classrooms has been stopped cold.
Michele Landsberg January 26
Last week, U.S. President George Bush decided to withhold the US$45-million both houses of Congress had agreed to give to the United Nations Population Fund. The impact of this sudden decision will b
Rick Salutin January 25
Don't blame the privatizers because of our crumbling health care system. They've tried everything, including accusations of timidity. "I hope you will overcome the fear of change," Ralph Klein told A
Lyle Stewart January 25
Monitoring the state of Canadian sovereignty might be akin to keeping an endangered-species list. But there are some interesting developments on the sovereignty watch this week.
Rachel Giese January 24
After her six-year battle with the feminists at the Vancouver Rape Crisis and Women's Shelter, Kimberley Nixon has won the right to volunteer there. Nixon, a transsexual woman who had gender reassign
Thomas Walkom January 24
That weak spot is the phrase "medically necessary" in the Canada Health Act, the federal law governing medicare. When Alberta Premier Ralph Klein announced this week he plans to radically reform medi
Dalton Camp January 23
It is not at all certain that our American allies have a handle on the war they so eagerly got themselves (and us) into. In the clamour of patriotism and the appealing visuals of air bombings, it is
Tom Walkom January 22
Asked about Alberta's new law allowing private hospitals, federal Health Minister Anne McLellan says she has no objection as long as these institutions operate within the parameters of the Canada Hea
Michele Landsberg January 20
Whatever the financial woes we face now and in the future, Toronto has inherited a safe, solid transit system (with on-time subways), the sine qua non of a successful modern city.
Dalton Camp January 20
The Defence Minister and the Canadian government has defaulted in its responsibilities to its Armed Forces and to the Canadian people by wobbling and waffling on the issue of the disposition and proc
Michele Landsberg January 19
That fact alone speaks to our shallow and sensationalist interest in the topic; if we really gave a damn, we wouldn't begrudge the tax dollars to support way more prevention.
Roy Adams January 18
Uncle Sam justified his incursion in Afghanistan on the basis that he is actually engaging in pre-emptive self defence. That justification is dubious according to those who have knowledge of the fine
Rick Salutin January 18
Since the 1960s, it has felt like Canadians either had to fight the Americans or join them; and since then the pressures have kept increasing. After September 11, the issues here are not just politic
Lyle Stewart January 18
If nothing else, it's going to be fun watching the neo-conservatives try to do an ideological end-run around the Enron implosion.
Rachel Giese January 17
Some Americans might be heartened to find out that their president is just regular folks, a guy who likes to kick back in front of the TV on the weekend. Trouble is, he's not just some working stiff,