Parker Barss Donham October 24
Civilized societies regard security of the person as a fundamental value worthy of stringent protection. That's why police in free societies can't arbitrarily search large numbers of people on mere s
Jerry West October 24
Jerry West
War is what they like to call it because it makes it sound so much more manly and heroic - and easier to provoke the passions of the gullible on both sides. After all, some people might think twice
Naomi Klein October 24
Naomi Klein
The battlefield of this new war are not just the Pentagon, but also the post office; not just military intelligence, but also training for doctors and nurses; not a sexy new missile defence shield, b
Tom Walkom October 23
Bill C-15B would increase penalties against those who "wilfully and recklessly" kill or cause "unnecessary pain" to an animal "without lawful excuse." The bill has been fought tooth and nail by the h
Linda McQuaig October 22
Legend has it that Ontario Premier Mike Harris then arrived and single-handedly drove the deficit into the ground. But in fact, the deficit was already on its way down when Harris took over the reins
Michele Landsberg October 21
Ontario Premier Mike Harris made it legitimate and respectable to sneer at the poor, demean their motives and mock their hardship. He gave voice - albeit a droning, flat, expressionless voice that wa
Dalton Camp October 21
Dear, moderate, progressive Ontario was looking rundown, even a little shabby, but then the Tories were raising $1-million a night selling tickets for the pleasure of dining with the Premier.
Tom Walkom October 20
The number of million-dollar homes in the Greater Toronto Area has quadrupled since Premier Mike Harris was elected in Ontario. But the number of tenants evicted from their homes across the province
Michele Landsberg October 20
It's a rare job where an unskilled woman can pull in several hundred dollars a night - or much more, if she's in demand. The Exotic Dancers Alliance exists to help women learn to protect themselves a
Rick Salutin October 19
Bombing Afghanistan accomplishes nothing or little or makes things worse. I'm not saying, Do nothing. I'm saying, Do something that makes things better.
Naomi Klein October 18
Naomi Klein
Mike Harris came to power not with a platform so much as a doctrine, a hermetically sealed belief system about how economies work. He believed that he could make Ontario a Club Med-style dream vacati
Rachel Giese October 18
War is costly, civilian deaths are inevitable and, in a battle against a small but sophisticated and far-flung organization of people who are happy to die for their beliefs, let's face it, an America
Alejandro Bustos October 17
Why would Osama bin Laden use the U.S. media to send out messages, when Al Jazeera - the Qatar-based Arabic television news station that has become the rage in the Arab world - already shows his vide
Dalton Camp October 17
We are already being misinformed and kept in the shadows. This is because we're being encouraged to shop, travel and wave flags, while those we have entrusted to mind the store are hell-bent on disco
Tom Walkom October 17
Appropriately, the Mike Harris era ended as it had begun - with anti-Tory protesters in the streets and a defiantly unrepentant Premier at Queen's Park, defending his time in office.
Jerry West October 17
Jerry West
Anyone who has examined history knows that this is not simply a war against terrorism. If it were, then the U.S. would be examining its own history over the past fifty years and accepting responsibil
Parker Barss Donham October 17
Beware of people who try to use the September 11 barbarities as an excuse to push agendas that wouldn't stand the light of day when people were thinking more clearly.
Tom Walkom October 16
Ottawa's new terrorism bill is a gross overreaction to the September 11 attacks. It introduces concepts such as preventive detention (jailing someone without having to go through the nuisance of layi
Murray Dobbin October 15
Promoting democracy and justice would mean, minimally, addressing the issues filling the well of discontent that Osama bin Laden and his ilk draw upon.
Dalton Camp October 14
A private television station or network can endure just about anything in the course of giving public offence - foul language, mindless violence, soft porn and the ministries of pandering preachers,
Michele Landsberg October 14
If you were deceived by the uproar against Sunera Thobani in the conservative press, don't feel embarrassed. As cynical as I usually am about the shenanigans of conservative commentators, I, too, was
Parker Barss Donham October 14
Like the estimated deaths of 500,000 Iraqi women and children attributed to the U.S.-led sanctions against their country, the bombing of Afghanistan may contribute to a human calamity that will nurtu
Tom Walkom October 14
Most Arab governments supported, or at least didn't oppose, the 1991 U.S.-led war to drive Iraq from Kuwait. But the final payoff - a solution to the knotty Palestinian question - never arrived. That
Michele Landsberg October 13
You could, if you were an Ontario Tory supporter, say it was proof of the government's good intentions all along. The more cynical might say that the Tories have finally heard the hollow echo booming
Rick Salutin October 12
A shining example of a compassionate response, in my view, came from an American couple who lost a son in the World Trade Center and were asked if they favoured mass bombing in retaliation. They said
Rachel Giese October 11
"Are you a terrorist?" The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations has recently defined terrorism as including "left-wing groups (that) generally profess a revolutionary socialist doctrine and view the
Dalton Camp October 10
Now that we are at war, I hope we find a positive helpful role. I would rather our forces in this war fed people than shot people. Indeed, there will likely be hundreds of thousands of women and chil
Parker Barss Donham October 10
Health planners constantly stress the need to move away from illness care toward disease prevention and the promotion of healthy habits. Since research implicates smoking in so many diseases, it's an
Tom Walkom October 9
Who would replace the Taliban? Would this replacement have any legitimacy with Afghanistan's mutually suspicious ethnic groups? How would the U.S. prevent another Taliban - or another Osama bin Laden
Linda McQuaig October 8
I fear that in the new era of political correctness, the ban on criticizing the United States will extend well beyond refusing to examine U.S. policies in the Middle East. I'll continue anyway, on th