Alejandro Bustos September 4
With the international movement towards decriminalization gaining support, questions about legal drug production are becoming ever more relevant.
Tom Walkom September 4
I should be able to see myself strolling through the "green necklace" squeezed between Lake Ontario and the "convergence district" to the helipad, from there to be whisked across arterial roadways un
Dalton Camp September 2
Bayer Aspirin had a pill out that stopped people from getting fat in their arteries but it also killed a few people. I don't know if that was in an ad or in the CNN medical news or maybe somewhere el
Parker Barss Donham September 2
Nova Scotia Premier John Hamm and his government have embarked on a series of decisions and announcements that seem almost calculated to send an inquiry into the state of industrial relations in Nova
Rick Salutin August 31
What romantic quest did Conrad Black undertake? To save the beautiful Canadian people from the clutches of left-liberalism and the Liberal Party.
Rachel Giese August 30
While renting out one's womb might seem like the ultimate in female entrepreneurship, in fact, the contracting of pregnancy could greatly undermine women's freedom of choice.
Dalton Camp August 29
It is one of life's deeper ironies: As The National Post continually nagged Canadians about living beyond their means, the owner-overseer of that opinion was himself laying out more than he was takin
Judy Rebick August 29
Judy Rebick
As genetic selection becomes increasingly sophisticated, the pressure will be on women to choose only the highest quality embryo through artificial means.
Parker Barss Donham August 29
Lars Osberg, a distinguished emeritus professor of economics at Dalhousie, recently compared his relationship to the Atlantic Institute for Market Studies as that of a geographer to the Flat Earth So
Linda McQuaig August 28
The market has made amazing inroads lately into human genes. Once the private preserve of the human body, genes have now been recognized for the hot marketable commodity that they are. But while the
Tom Walkom August 28
Critics complain that Jean Chrétien heads a do-nothing government. They have it wrong. Chrétien's genius is that he appears to do nothing even as his government oversees a signi
Alejandro Bustos August 28
The war to save democracy has stuffed our prisons with drug offenders, made the criminal underworld rich, assisted in the spread of drugs and made our own governments get into bed with some nasty, na
Dalton Camp August 26
What this country needs is not a finance minister who wants to keep up with the Bushes, but someone who wants to keep up with this country's unique and special promise.
Parker Barss Donham August 26
If Nova Scotia governments of the last century had followed one phone company's logic in providing electrical service, vast stretches of the province might still be without power.
Rick Salutin August 24
If the world we live in made a serious attempt to correct social injustice and increase equality, then the angry claims of the poorest groups would likely diminish.
Rachel Giese August 23
Ironically, it appears that the more comprehensive, explicit and holistic the sex ed message, the more likely that teenagers will be cautious in their sexual choices.
Parker Barss Donham August 22
At the defunct Sydney Steel plant, the accident-free record at the steelmaking shop - where the multi-million-dollar electric arc furnace lies cold and still - is obscured by a plastic poster taped o
Dalton Camp August 22
Perhaps one should not trust anyone with a television licence. That would include - I regret to admit - the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. The CBC should never be so hard up as to be used as a sh
Tom Walkom August 21
Many conservatives, including some who stayed with the Alliance, now think the party has become an impediment to what they really want, which is to recreate an electable, right-wing alternative to th
Alejandro Bustos August 21
Why did the CIA give Vladimiro Montesinos, Peru's former head of intelligence, a reported $1-million a year to fight drugs after receiving reports of his links to Colombian narcotraffickers?
Murray Dobbin August 21
The province's new Minister of Energy and Mines, Richard Neufeld, Neufeld told his audience that wonderful things could be achieved when the centre and right got together to defeat the NDP. There we
Parker Barss Donham August 19
The partisan compendium of public relations puffery released last week by Nova Scotia's provincial government is so transparently self-serving as to fool no one.
Dalton Camp August 19
Preston Manning's "blueprint" to unite the right exposes the essentially fictive nature of the ad hoc assembly of designated Tories and members of the Alliance Dozen Dissenters at Mont-Tremblant. For
Rick Salutin August 17
TV guy Moses Znaimer was hell to try to draw into discussion, like an embodiment of his commitment to the visual. The audience grew fascinated with whether he'd speak at all. Eventually, Moses lighte
Rachel Giese August 16
By 2025, researchers predict, one in three people will not have access to sufficient water. If we needed any more convincing to quickly and radically alter our ways to save the planet, this ought to
Dalton Camp August 15
It has long been my view that the soft underbelly of the American superpower is not its stealth technology or its missile inventory, but the movies. The nexus of American hegemony is Hollywood.
Parker Barss Donham August 15
A cabinet led by small-town conservatives saw strikes as anathema. Again and again, Premier John Hamm declared that his government could not permit a strike in the health-care system. That position p
Tom Walkom August 14
I confess that I don't understand why everyone gets so miffed with the Americans. Surely, Washington is doing what a national government is supposed to do - protect its own economic interests. Maybe
Alejandro Bustos August 14
Part one of a three-part series on the relationship between international drug dealers and western governments. This week - some of the links between the West and the narcotics trade.
Linda McQuaig August 14
It's a little disingenuous for those pushing economic integration with the United States to claim they're bucking the status quo; it would be like Britney Spears claiming she's bucking the status quo