Parker Barss Donham August 15
A cabinet led by small-town conservatives saw strikes as anathema. Again and again, Premier John Hamm declared that his government could not permit a strike in the health-care system. That position p
Tom Walkom August 14
I confess that I don't understand why everyone gets so miffed with the Americans. Surely, Washington is doing what a national government is supposed to do - protect its own economic interests. Maybe
Alejandro Bustos August 14
Part one of a three-part series on the relationship between international drug dealers and western governments. This week - some of the links between the West and the narcotics trade.
Linda McQuaig August 14
It's a little disingenuous for those pushing economic integration with the United States to claim they're bucking the status quo; it would be like Britney Spears claiming she's bucking the status quo
Tom Walkom August 12
Most countries are happy to denounce what they call the racism of their enemies. But few are willing to accept even a soupçon of criticism about their own domestic practices.
Parker Barss Donham August 12
A company wants to build wind turbines in Nova Scotia. Many critics of the plan consider themselves to be strong supporters of green power. Yet the rising controversy over the location of the turbine
Dalton Camp August 12
The longer the Liberals remain in office, the longer they remain in office. The Prime Minister's approval ratings continue to confound the editorial boards of the national daily newspapers. Each time
Rick Salutin August 10
The dominant system preaches individualism but actually grinds most individuals into poverty or pre-occupation with survival, destroying the chance for their individuality to thrive. Anarchism declin
Rachel Giese August 9
In light of Seattle, Quebec city and Genoa, what ensued in Vancouver - the arrests, the pepper spray, the strip searches - all so shocking then, now just looks like a dress rehearsal for the continue
Dalton Camp August 8
The Progressive Conservative party is not about to amend its constitution in order to incorporate the leftovers from another failed regional party out of Alberta. If we have learned anything from all
Alejandro Bustos August 7
Despite Ottawa's recent decision to allow the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, Canada is still well behind several European countries when it comes to reforming its drug laws.
Michele Landsberg August 5
Eddie, a worried-looking six year old with seven brothers at home ("Our baby is just small, 4 months old," he told me earnestly) played with a dragon hand puppet as he waited for his mother to finish
Dalton Camp August 5
God only knows where the Tories are on the tangle of issues relating to globalization and its counterconcern, continentalism. A designated group representing the full caucus is meeting this week over
Michele Landsberg August 4
Anthony's fate, if he is deported to Jamaica, is surely death. The one old, over-crowded, mental hospital in Jamaica is squalid beyond description. Lethal police brutality against the homeless mental
Rick Salutin August 3
For anyone who idealizes the judicial process, I'd prescribe a half-day in court once a year. The lawyers are out to win for their clients, not find the truth; the judges are susceptible to flattery
Judy Rebick August 2
Judy Rebick
What about the danger that our own police forces see events in Italy as permission to up their level of brutality? This is a much greater danger to democracy than a couple of hundred hooded protester
Rachel Giese August 2
To outsiders, Canada - with its racial diversity, human rights bodies, democratic government and (slowly eroding) socialized medicine - can look like a paradise. The United Nations has even designate
Dalton Camp August 1
There has been a good deal of hand-wringing over the violence attending the most recent meetings of the Great Eight, the worst of it brought on, according to the Prime Minister, by anarchists.
Alejandro Bustos July 31
If George W. Bush were poor, black and grew up in south central Los Angeles, his past drug use could very well have landed him in jail. But as a son of the ruling class - his father was also U.S. pre
Linda McQuaig July 30
The disruption and disorder of the last few years that have so scandalized Western opinion are, in the grand scheme of things, mild compared to the disruption and disorder in the lives of more than a
Dalton Camp July 29
Non-news has become a feature of modern journalism. Most of it is found in the newspapers that apparently have room for non-news or for opinion disguised as news or for news that would go unwritten u
Parker Barss Donham July 29
Cheerful dismissal of dismal data is something of a pattern with the Nova Scotia Department of Health, whose officials sometimes sound like Reverso World versions of the little boy who cried wolf. Th
Michele Landsberg July 29
What the Tories' half-assed, herky-jerky system guarantees is that there can be no truly effective anti-smoking campaign in this benighted smog-swamp of a province.
Michele Landsberg July 28
In Calgary, Women for Women Afghanistan has printed a brisk eight-page tabloid-style bulletin with information about current projects and campaigns, with pictures, news stories and many useful addres
Rick Salutin July 27
We owe people like Antonio Davis, who remind us that education is about things beyond acquiring marketable skills, and that these include a sense of national identity.
Rachel Giese July 26
The cringing, hangdog attitude that we and so much of the rest of the world assume in the face of U.S. bullying has to end. It may be the only global superpower, but it isn't more powerful than the r
Dalton Camp July 25
Seeing the great neighbour standing alone is a novel vision in a world of growing collegiality and where communication is both pervasive and instant. Growing alone and apart, America seems to be incr
Parker Barss Donham July 25
Not being able to shop on Sunday is a damned nuisance. The restriction is, as the government's senior advisors pointed out, an artefact of antique notions about the government's role in promoting rel
Murray Dobbin July 23
Almost the first act by B.C.'s new provincial government suggests that its policies are virtually identical to the Ontario Tories. The Liberals' huge tax cuts are amongst the largest in Canadian hist
Parker Barss Donham July 22
A provocative news report about Nova Scotia's Tar Ponds and double standards in health didn't give readers all of the facts.