Judy Rebick July 5
Judy Rebick
Everyone agrees that marijuana is relatively harmless as drugs go. It is less harmful than either alcohol or cigarettes. No one dies from marijuana use. Most Canadians now agree that marijuana should
Parker Barss Donham July 4
Unlike a legal strike, with a negotiated protocol for maintaining emergency services, mass resignations of Nova Scotia's health-care workers will be more militant, more disruptive, and harder to cont
Tom Walkom July 3
Most people probably have a vague idea that it's illegal to advertise prescription drugs in Canada (although not over-the-counter remedies such as simple antacids). Most probably have been seeing mor
Linda McQuaig July 3
The multinational drug industry has fought the generic drug licensing system just about everywhere it has surfaced. Thirty-nine major drug companies jointly launched a lawsuit against South Africa in
Murray Dobbin July 2
In its blind pursuit of ever more trade agreements, the federal government is actually encouraging the exodus of nurses by treating them as "exporters" of services. In so doing, it opens up our healt
Parker Barss Donham July 1
The value of having a local coal supplier seems to have dawned on the monopoly utility suddenly and belatedly - a reality they couldn't seem to see when they were driving Devco to the wall.
Michele Landsberg July 1
For the first time, there is a fresh gust of genuine, even frightened, awareness sweeping through the stale assemblies of entrenched power: male supremacy in the developing nations comes at a cost of
Dalton Camp July 1
The idea of belonging to a country is under attack. One of our national newspapers serially produces dire comparisons showing the joys of living in a prospering United States as against our own sadly
Michele Landsberg June 30
My broken toes seem to chronicle, in their fragmented way, the course of my adult life.
Rick Salutin June 29
It's jazz festival week in Toronto. The sounds of Peter Appleyard's vibraphone drift across Queen Street from the big white tent with chandeliers in City Hall Square. It's a kind of camouflage, or so
Rachel Giese June 28
At a groundbreaking United Nations special session on HIV/AIDS earlier this week in New York City, fundamentalist religious leaders prevented a leading gay activist from participating in a roundtable
Parker Barss Donham June 27
Early Tuesday morning, in the Nova Scotia Legislature, a tag team of NDP and Liberal MLAs presented a series of petitions. They circled the opposition benches in turn, like kids playing one-a-cat. Th
Dalton Camp June 27
Observers of the great political drama to the south may see a growing opposition to President George W. Bush's brand of arch-conservatism. His approval ratings are low and on hold; the nation doubts
Thomas Walkom June 26
Lake Huron's Amberley Beach boasts a beautiful waterfront area - and a sign warning swimmers of the hazards posed by the untreated fecal waste contaminating the lake. Animal manure is virtually unreg
Dalton Camp June 25
It is only through trial and error that we can discover the underlying wisdom of the Canadian government in becoming a booster of genetic modification. Perhaps the government thinks it has something
Parker Barss Donham June 24
For two weeks, Premier John Hamm's Tories have been on the ropes, absorbing blow after blow in the ring of public opinion. Their ill-conceived plan to impose below-market wages and working conditions
Michelle Landsberg June 23
In 1995 - the year before Theresa Vince's obsessed stalker and former supervisor murdered her - the Harris government was elected. One of its early deeds was to repeal the employment equity law, whic
Rick Salutin June 22
More on the Thomas Walkom-Robert Fulford to-and-fro: In the <i>National Post</i>, you can't avoid "news" about its own campaign to unite the right, the brain-drain it alone discerns, or the national
Rachel Giese June 21
On Tuesday, the news broke that the Canadian navy's Commodore Eric Lerhe had been relieved of his duties for visiting a porn Website - with a navy computer on his own time. The news made the front se
Dalton Camp June 20
On Saturday <i>Toronto Star</i> columnist Thomas Walkom wrote what the <i>National Post</i> called "a 2,400-word expression of sympathy ... for violent protest from the left."To agree with Walkom - a
Parker Barss Donham June 20
Nova Scotia's Conservative government is losing the fight over Bill 68. This government has had considerable success demonizing coal-miners and steelworkers. It may one day succeed in vilifying schoo
Naomi Klein June 20
Naomi Klein
Last week, grocery giant Loblaws banned any reference to genetically modified (GM) foods from labels of products sold in its stores. This decision points to a broader strategy that North American foo
Thomas Walkom June 19
On Saturday, Thomas Walkom wrote a column reporting on the invasion of the provincial finance minister's constituency office by members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP). He suggested t
Linda McQuaig June 18
The Canadian public's intense dislike for former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney wasn't just about his policies. It was his deferential attitude towards Washington and U.S. corporate power that grated
Parker Barss Donham June 17
Nova Scotia cannot afford a strike by 9,000 hospital workers.But Premier John Hamm badly overplayed what should have been a winning hand. His political and strategic misjudgement will haunt the gover
Michele Landsberg June 17
Filmmaker Gerry Rogers' 72-year-old aunt had a mastectomy one day last week at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. By 8 p.m., groggy and nauseous, she was ushered out of the hospital over her family's pleas
Dalton Camp June 17
Last week, Stockwell Day appeared before a business audience in Toronto. Both The leader and his crowd were carrying the accessories of the day's fashion - thinner wallets and fewer hopes. It had not
Thomas Walkom June 16
Earlier this week, members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty invaded the constituency office of finance minister Jim Flaherty. Vigorous political protest of this sort is not new in Canada. And
Michelle Landsberg June 16
Picture a woman, shrouded head-to-toe in her blue burqa. She's hiding a smuggled camcorder beneath her clothing. The crowd in a Kabul stadium roars, as an "adulteress" is about to be brutally execute
Rick Salutin June 15
In politics, as in sports, off-season is the season of hope. A time when everything is possible. It is the hour of pure theory: What if we combine two parties? What if we change our name? What about