Lois Ross April 21
The pandemic has sparked reconsiderations in some communities about food security. Many have turned to local farmers and distributors, eager to support small businesses that might be struggling.
Duncan Cameron April 21
Duncan Cameron
In this time of crisis, it makes sense for world leaders to act in solidarity with strangers in other lands, and forgive African debts.
Matthew Behrens April 21
Expressions of creativity and the thousands of mutual aid groups that have sprung up in communities during this crisis remind us of what it means to be human. All represent what we can and should be.
Rick Salutin April 17
Donald Trump can't recognize that others exist for independent reasons; to him, they're there solely to magnify or hinder his need for acclaim and worship.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 16
"(The officer) was like inches from my face, yelling that I should call him sergeant and sir, and with no mask or gloves on," Dr. Armen Henderson told Democracy Now!
Bill Blaikie April 16
If a "virtual parliament" is convened out of necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, it should be a temporary measure that does not worsen an increasingly frosty parliamentary culture.
Duncan Cameron April 14
Duncan Cameron
High production costs have stymied bitumen expansion. Ironically, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney's best allies are now the alternative energy producers who can make a low-carbon future a reality.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 9
Surviving this pandemic will require global solidarity, discipline and compassion. Grassroots social movements aren't deferring to the Biden campaign or the Democratic party.
Linda McQuaig April 9
In recent decades, Canada has increasingly bought into an ideology that celebrates the marketplace and denigrates government.
Duncan Cameron April 7
Duncan Cameron
In memory of the celebrated Canadian political economist, Mel Watkins.
Rick Salutin April 3
COVID-19 is like a counterweight to imagined communities: it's a community-building experience that's unimagined and nonsymbolic. It transcends identities because it menaces everyone, everywhere.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan April 2
Flattening the curve of COVID-19 will only happen through massive collective action. All levels of government need to quickly release as many prisoners as possible.
Matt Hatfield, Digital Freedom Update April 2
We cannot allow lack of access, unaffordable service, restrictive data caps or slow speeds to further marginalize Canada's most vulnerable populations during a time of social distancing.
Duncan Cameron March 31
Duncan Cameron
Thoughtful international planning and informed national action are both needed to ensure public health is protected in inevitable future pandemics.
Rick Salutin March 27
Right-wing austerity buffs like Jason Kenney, François Legault and Doug Ford have joined Justin Trudeau in recognizing the importance of basic human survival over the economy.
Monia Mazigh March 27
Monia Mazigh
COVID-19 reminds us that Canada's involvement in the war on terror was a bad decision, and that the billions spent on war and security should have been invested in health care and other services.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 26
"What undermines morale for us is that our government doesn't have our back, that the Trump administration and the federal authorities have done virtually nothing," an emergency room nurse said.
Safia Lakhani, Pro Bono March 26
As we attempt to collectively navigate the "new normal," it is critical that adequate measures be taken to ensure access to adequate housing.
June Chua March 25
The cost of housing is affecting everyone everywhere. Activists are organizing against the corporatization of neighbourhoods and calling on people to question pension funds invested in real estate.
Duncan Cameron March 24
Duncan Cameron
The emergency measures announced March 19 by the Liberals in response to the economic distress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic fall well short of what is needed.
Rick Salutin March 20
The U.S. border closing didn't just happen. It was a work of art.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 19
Trump has recklessly failed in his response to the pandemic. It is up to all of us, together, to flatten the curve and limit the damage he's inflicting.
Bill Blaikie March 19
The Pallister government tried using the budget and then the COVID-19 crisis to get in the way of the institutional norms they profess such affection for.
Jim Stanford March 18
After the immediate health emergency ends, government will need to step up with an ambitious, longer-term reconstruction program, centred on the lasting expansion of public services.
Lois Ross March 18
Cuba is showing resilience and plenty of lessons to learn about tough times, gardening and humanitarianism -- and it all starts with food security.
Duncan Cameron March 17
Duncan Cameron
Justin Trudeau stated that no Canadians should go without because of the coronavirus crisis. As prime minister, he should commit to relieving the despair of fellow citizens faced with destitution.
Jim Stanford March 13
If we do a good job educating, organizing and mobilizing around a more hopeful and democratic agenda, then ambitious alternatives can become politically inevitable.
Rick Salutin March 13
The novel coronavirus acts by its own lights. Beyond that, much depends on how we react to it.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan March 12
Pundits and Democratic party elites are demanding Bernie Sanders drop out of the Democratic primary nomination contest, and calling for an abrupt cancellation of the remaining primaries and debates.
Linda McQuaig March 12
For seven decades, Connaught Labs performed brilliantly on the national and international stage, contributing to medical breakthroughs and developing affordable treatments and vaccines.