Are Inuit men sexual predators?

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1. darkhorse's theories of the higher rate of sexual assault are on the money. I don't expect anyone living south of 60 or in a community larger than 25,000 to completely understand life in the North. It easily brings out the worse in people. Race is just one factor (hard not to have low self esteem when the entire country thinks you less worthy), but it certainly isn't a qualifier.

2. Regardless of why, there still remains the question of what are you going to do about it? In the NWT (Inuit, Dogrib, Dene, cross selection from around the country and world), our anti-violence organizations are losing funding, cutting staff and cutting programs. A group of us have grown annoyed with lobbying government officials more concerned with diamond profits and pleasing DIAND. In collaberation with the V-Day Organization ( we have organized fundraising for our local Women's Centre, Centre for Northern Families and the Native Women's Association's Victim Services. Last year, we made around $14,000. With that money, healthy baby classes occured, anger management sessions took place, a shelter for abused or poor families stayed open, etc. And the anti-violence, pro-women message presented by a showing of "The Vagina Monologues" stayed in the community. It's just a start, but at least we're moving towards a healthier violence-free community.


Is it your belief they are innately evil? Are Inuits born rapists in your books? Frankly, you astound me.
-------------------------------------------------- No Inuits are not born rapists. I had a uncle by marrage. He was born in Newfoundland. He had six daughters and raped each one when they reached ten. He got caught and as a punishment got to spend two years in prison learning to become a farmer. This is the point I am trying to make, the punishment don't fit the crime. Look to other countries and see what the punishment is for rape.Of course you will have people say, oh! that punishment is cruel. How about raping a eight year old, isn't that cruel?


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Effective Punishment for Rape !!!
Date: Friday, 23 August 2002, at 10:05 a.m.

The following punishment is suggested for rape.

1. The convicted rapist or rapists, be Castrated, his / their Erectile Organs be surgically removed.

2. The convicted rapists who have been administered the above punishment, should be set free thereafter.

3. This mode of punishment will minimise the rape crimes if not eliminate completely. In future the would-be rapist will think twice before raping some poor helpless child, a girl or a woman.

4. It may seem a harsh mode of punishment, but, if we want to eradicate this curse on mankind, let us do it, NOW, the world over.

5. The International Court Of Justice, should have jurisdiction in all countries of the world including the USA, and have speedy trials (7 days)for such heinous crimes against women, a very special gift of God to Man.

Farakh Malik


Only if the tip of their noses are cut off.


Rape is a horrendous crime, however the reason in Canada the law was changed to sexual assault was because in the past court cases descended into in depth discussions of whether there was penetration. If there wasn't penetration then it wasn't as bad. Since most people thought this view of sexual assault was ridiculous the law was changed to sexual assault, the assault being just as nasty and in law just as culpable whether or not the man actually succeeds at penetration or not.

In BC recently the Indo-Canadian community had a forum where some of the prominent leaders in their community were taking about the problems with spousal abuse and violence generally. Like in Inuit communities it is higher than in the larger Cnadian society but that makes it a cultural problem not a racial problem.

People commit crimes of violence because they have lost their moral compass. Some cultures have a higher incident of this so it is proper in my opinion to look at what in those cultures is causing this. Some of it is colonialism some is patriarchy and some is poverty etc. A child when born is not born a rapist they develop that way the question to me is how to raise children to love their neighbours.

I suspect like all cultural change it comes slowly but surely when people openly discuss the inherent evil it perpetrates in communities.

Puetski Murder


I beleive in the USA a rapist usally gets life in prison. Our government don't like the word rape so they call it sexual assult, as if it makes a differance to a 8 year old girl. Make rape a automatic life in prison and I think you will see a change, or at least castrate him.



3. This mode of punishment will minimise the rape crimes if not eliminate completely. In future the would-be rapist will think twice before raping some poor helpless child, a girl or a woman.

bellows, I think your conception of how to deter rape demonstrates a poor understanding (or wilfull ignorance) of the characteristics of sexual assault.

The United States has brutal punishments for many things; drugs, rape and so on but these acts still occur frequently. The largely predatorial nature of rape means that often rapists aren't thinking about the consequences, not because they aren't harsh, but because they conceive that what they're doing isn't wrong.

So instead of a massive transfer of funds to social spending to head these problems off at the pass, the money goes straight to the jails; building and maintaining them. I think this reflects the Canadian experience. First Nations people comprise less than 8% of the population and make up a majority of the prison populations.

Ills, like rape, alcoholism, and such are symptomatic of societal disenfranchisement.

A question for those in the know: is rape reported in the North? Do larger centres like Iqaluit have higher rates of sexual assault than do smaller more remote areas?

--> I'm off to find the Kendall-Tackett et al article.


Having spent five years in the north, Iqaluit, Arctic Bay, Cape Dorset, and Yellowknife. Sexual assault is higher. This is caused by the high use of alcohol and drugs. The punishment for this is not to severe, maybe six months. It is very seldom reported because most is caused by the father against their children and grandchildren.


State violence is not a cure for individual violence. The Inuit themselves must work to heal the damage that has been a sad sad part of their life for so many decades now. When the state removed mostly all the children from native communities they set in motion a dysfunction that will take a long time to overcome.

However repressive violence by the state is part of the problem not the answer. My favourite argument against the deterent effect of capital punishment is from British history. Pickpocketing was at one time a capital offence and one of the favourite venues for thieves was public hangings. People who committ crimes don't think of the consequences first. The US incarcerates more people per capita than any other modern state and they still have the highest crime rate.

Love and understanding and education of the perpatrators is required and yes incarceration but not only incarceration. For the offenders that reoffend dispite the opportunites to chance then we have the dangerous offender laws that will lock them up and the key will be thrown away. Like many women the men involved have themselves been abused as children. This is not an excuse for their behaviour but must be a factor in arriving at a solution


I have a question to ask, but I don't want to start a new topic over it.

The question is whether thinking of an 30 or 40 yearold having sex when they were 15,16, 17, or 18 is different than thinking of an actual 15, 16, 17, or 18 year old having sex. It feels different, thinking of the former seems OK but thinking of the latter seems gross.

Is this just my mixed up morality here or is this normal? Michelle? Anybody?


I am not quite sure if I understand your question. The now 40 year old had sex when he was 15. The now 15 year old is having sex. The 15 year old will be 40 one day.
Or maybe the 40 year old thought about having sex at 15 but didn't?


If I reminise about having sex when I was, lets say 16, is it the same as me thinking about two people who are presently 16 having sex.

If I think about two 40 year olds first encounter at the age of 16, is it the same as thinking about the first encounter of two people who are presently 16.


Well, I hope I have now understood this. When we are sixteen and discover sex. Whoopee now here is a fun thing to do as often as possible.

At 40 it is still a fun thing to do among other things. Probably the fact of sexual security makes a difference.

We grow and change so while I remember when I was 16 I don't look back with the same eyes as I am not 16. Anymore than a 16 year old can imagine what sex will be like at 40.


To put it a bit more bluntly - Is fantisizing about Alan Rickman or Patrick Swayzie having sex at 16 the same as fantasizing about Meades having sex at 16.

I know that the latter would be gross for a person my age, but what I am trying to find out is whether doing the former is OK or not or is categorized as doing the same thing.

For the record Meades, I have never had a fantasy about you, never plan to, and hope that you stay clear away from any adult who has. You are just the only one here that I could use to make the point blunt enough so that I could get a straight answer on it.

dale cooper

Alan Rickman??

I understand your question, I just can't picture anyone wanting to fantasize about someone who is 40 having sex at 16. It seems like a very odd thing to do.

Mr. Magoo


To put it a bit more bluntly - Is fantisizing about Alan Rickman or Patrick Swayzie having sex at 16 the same as fantasizing about Meades having sex at 16.

Seems to me that putting your 16 year old "in the past" is just a little bit of jerrymandering to allow you to fantasize about 16 year olds and not feel like you're fantasizing about 16 year olds. That said, thought is always free, and there are plenty of worse things one could fantasize about.

(This, btw, is entirely different from remembering your own experiences at 16.)


Now I get you. Okay I guess you hit the wrong person. I don't fantasize about other peoples sex lives, be it a movie star or Meades. In fact the sex life of a 16 year old doesn't interest me one sweet bit.
I guess I am just not ever going to be 'A dirty old Woman'. [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


What happened was that I started looking at that scene with Marg and Petunia and figured that it was Petunia that used magic rather than Harry so she was probably lying about not being a witch. Then I looked at Vernon being a real jerk and started figuring what would have had to go bad in her life to end up with that jerk. Then I decide that she attended Hogswart, dated Snape (Alan Rickman), dated Tom Riddle to make Snape jealous, things got dangerous and she escaped into the muggle world (violence against witches/wizards tended to be targeted and against muggles random). I started fantasing about Petunia and Snape getting back together as adults - nothing really bad just involving partial morphs and gillyweed that's all. And then I started thinking what kind of people they were and thinking that they would have had to have had a first time.

I used to fantasize about my first time a long afterwards but not really anyone elses. When I used to think of my first time, I didn't really focus on how old we were, but I knew how old we were.

Then I came here because I started figuring that I was getting in way over my head and might be crossing some kind of boundary, but I didn't know for sure. I do now.

The reason I started reading the fanflics was because I needed a break from the war and everything, which is why I haven't been around much.

Thanks for the patience. And thanks for the reality check.

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I think this paricular choice of thread title to begin such a silly discussion is in very poor taste, particularly given the content of the post that began this thread.

And in "Feminism", no less. [img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]


It's not silly. It is whether I went a bit too far and stepped over the line, which I think I did.

Just because this thread started at the other extreme where you are talking hard core pediphile who believe nothing is over the line.

The possiblilty that pediphilia is associated primarily with any particular group I think was refuted pretty early in that thread. End of what I have to say.

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Vaudree, you'd be better off starting a new thread. Your question has nothing to do with the topic at hand, and, as Sisyphus has pointed out, you are trivializing the content of the thread and its initial post.

Maybe in Banter?

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