Montebello - the Federal Government Reaction was Sickening.

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Arthur Chalinsky
Montebello - the Federal Government Reaction was Sickening.


Arthur Chalinsky

Was anyone else upset with the reaction of the federal government to the police provocateurs illegally used to incite violence against peaceful protesters at Montebello? Not that it surprises me coming from this government.

Public Security Minister Stockwell Day had this to say:

"The thing that was interesting in this particular incident, three people in question were spotted by protesters because were not engaging in violence."

That this statement is a lie should be obvious to anyone who followed the events in Quebec. The police provocateurs were singled out because they were wielding rocks in the midst of a peaceful demonstration.

That this government has no respect for the opinions of Canadian Citizens, and contempt for our Charter protected rights, has never been more apparent.


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Arthur Chalinsky

Thanks Michelle.

Long time/first time, as they say.


Welcome Arthur!

Like you, I'm appauled at the reaction, not only by the government, but by the media, and by regular citizens who don't seem to care about this Police State Action.

Buddy Kat

There has been plenty of threads in rabble about this subject. As criminal an act it is, the national media has the power. This again says the left needs a national in your face media.

Can you imagine the power of Canadians being told how criminal an act the government did again and agian to it's own people.

Look at the agent orange "act of terror" in the news right this very minute. Do you think Canadians can correlate chemical warfare attack and terror act? No way unless the media educates them and I can hear the media now.."we are not in the business of educating".

How about a daily report on the health of the victims..can you imagine the public outcry after a month!!! Same with this montebello thing ..if national media kept up the coverage the Neo-cons would be ousted before you can say "stockwell is a lying bag of s&*^". They know this and they are guilty by association for helping in the coverup.

I'll bet most Canadians figure .."well if the government pretended to be insurgents, it must be for a good reason". It's sad ..but until the left has the power to rub this info into the face of Canadians it will continue.

A good place to start with a left media would be Quebec..the province that elected this piece of crap criminal Neo-con excuse for a police state.

Maybe if everyone carried a sign that said " terrorists please liberate us from the Neo-con terrorist and there media partners" they would get the message. Canadians begging for help in eliminating the conservatives there media and there criminal policing acts.

Nothing like an arrow pointing in the right direction. Bet that would get lots of media coverage or at least get Canadians thinking ...are they really that BAD?

Man ...the media can do a number on these conservative criminals they would never recover from if they wanted..worse than any liberal corruption scandal.Liberals dicked with tax money ..the conservatives dicked with their life.

Just the idea of dressing up like insurgents to cause an excuse to kill elderly and children with snipers on the roof yet..Good bye conservatives for at least 2 generations.

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I'll post the update here, as all other threads on this subject are either closed or have disappeared down the new babble vortex:

[url= accused of inciting violence to testify before police ethics panel[/color][/url]


Three undercover officers accused of inciting protesters to attack riot police at the 2007 North American leaders summit in Montebello are being summoned to testify before Quebec's independent police ethics committee.

The decision from the committee released this week overrules an independent review that exonerated the officers. It also comes more than two years after the black-clad trio were first exposed on YouTube.

Dave Coles, the union leader who confronted the men at the time and filed a complaint against the police, said a public inquiry is needed to determine whether they were acting on orders from federal officials.

[url=][color=red]Here is the video of the incident.[/color][/url]



And another update:

[url=]Undercover cop violated code of conduct[/url]


An undercover Quebec cop who shoved and swore at demonstrators while armed with a rock at an infamous 2007 protest in Montebello, Que. was convicted of violating the province’s police code of conduct in a French language decision dated March 14.

But the Sureté du Québec’s Sgt. Jean-Francois Boucher was cleared of more serious charges — including abuse of authority and inciting violence — by a recent decision of the province’s police oversight committee.

Two other SQ sergeants, Joey Laflamme and Patrick Tremblay, were acquitted on all counts.