alleged auto gouging sparks class-action lawsuit

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alleged auto gouging sparks class-action lawsuit



And there I was, anguishing over the Canadian auto industry's plight.



Well, as an auto worker, I won't defend that. These guys are bastards, it's well established. That's why we have to go on strike from time to time, and have grievances, wild cats (those were the days!) and stuff.

Not to stir the bee in your bonnet more, but as parts suppliers and assembly plants pick up stakes and move south or over seas, remember that many of them secured capital investment from you and the rest of your taxpaying compadres, and that machinery [i]you[/i] bought will be providing jobs for people other than Canadians.

We're a generous lot.


We keep throwing money at them and they say "thank you" Now lets go to china or india. Great move there. Give them the power to destroy your own economy. Do you think that a few strings attached might not be prudent!


I don't think we really need to put strings on these deals, the "strings" are "implied", and no less legally binding.

For example. I'm sure we've all eaten at a restaurant before. When we do so, we don't sign an agreement or contract to pay. But getting up and leaving without paying is-- and rightly so-- considered theft. The contract, or agreement to pay for the food, even though there is no written or verbal assurance is implied and understood.

Similarly, it is implied just as reasonably that when governments toss [i]our[/i] money at manufacturers, there are certain expectations expected in return. And if there is failure in those expectations, the equipment does not belong to the recipient company to do with as it wishes.

I like these class action suits, I think it's a tool we on the left should use more often.

I understand there is one underway against Tellus, Rogers and someone else for bogus fees.

But then, having a co-worker that was part of a class action suit against Air Transat (the flight that ran out of fuel and landed in the Azores) I know legal fees can eat up almost half the settlement.

But then, maybe that's another class action suit for another day. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

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I think we can make this a win-win. We won't demand re-payment of all their illgotten gains - only that the sum (plus appropriate interest) be immediately re-invested in new plants and ultra-modern retooling of existing ones.


In our classless society, definitely a lower class of welfare bum.