Babble needs trully anti-racist Moderators II

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Thanks for throwing gas on the fire. You really must care about the issues.

Bullshit, the fire already is out of control. AfroHealer has got everyone squabbling again which is exactly how he, or she wants it.

saga and 1 to 7 are at each others throats which was meant to be stargazer's throat, I think.

AfroHealer you should really take your rants to Free Dominion, give it a try and let us know.

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saga and 1 to 7 are at each others throats which was meant to be stargazer's throat, I think.

clersal take that back, I have not said a single mean thing! [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

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It's over a 100 posts now.

Is there a moderator around to terminate this mess?


Ok, i understand things here are very very heated. Please try not to just throw abuse at eachother. I'll be on and off the board a bit inconsistently for the next while, so lets try and go for walks or watch the news instead if you feel like lashing out.

If people keep doing that I'll have to start giving very brief suspensions, just to keep this from going totally down the crapper.

Clersal, please lets not get into criticising keyboarding and spelling. Lots of people's including my own is not all that great

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Originally posted by oldgoat:
...and even now may merit intervention. [/b]

I wouldn't want to be a mod here for nothing! Michelle and Oldgoat, I think you are handling this with style and class, and I think it must be pretty damn hard to maintain that while simultaneously dodging flying shit and abuse.

Good on ya!


Oh, thanks LTJ, I didn't notice. AfroHealer, my comments in response to your last post stand.


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