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American voters don't know what NAFTA is. The candidates just used is as a talking point so they could say "I am going to fix America's economy".

Also, have you noticed how they avoid actually talking about issues? They just say things like "I will take America in the direction we need to go", and "I know how to answer a telephone".


This would be different from our recent elections in what way?

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Eh-yup. It's been a quite a while since a genuine "issue" affecting the general welfare of ordinary Canadians raised it's head on the stumps.

Remember "Stand up for Canada"? What the hell was that?


When backed into a corner on who FTA-NAFTA benefited the most, the free traders tend to recoil into spewing technical jargon, raw trade statistics, and point to the car industry in Canada, which was really a good example for a managed trade deal negotiated in the 1960's.