Best Place for Gay Issues?

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Steve Burns
Best Place for Gay Issues?


Steve Burns

Where is the best place on the forum to discuss gay issues, and post dispatches from the ongoing international war against homophobia?

An example -


There is no good place for your agenda,Steve.

Just face it, your fear of homosexuals is rooted in the fact that you know you are one gay blade but are afraid to come out of the closet. You will be much happier and, welcome here.


Hi Steve, you're right, there's no specific forum for GLBT issues on babble. There probably should be at this point. There was a time when we raised the issue here, and there were several gay babblers who didn't like the idea of threads being ghettoized into a gay issues forum. So we respected that and didn't create one.

Is it time to revisit that, folks?

P.S. I'm glad you brought this up, Steve. In fact, just a couple of weeks ago I was thinking about this and meant to raise it here.

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Would this be a forum where only gay babblers would be allowed to express opinions?


I think such a forum would definitely be a good thing. There often is no clear place to start a thread on LGBT issues. The result is that they get scattered more or less randomly across the board, and some threads don't get started at all.

I don't see "ghettoization" as a problem; it's not like LGBT issues or queer analysis would be banned from other threads. Rather, having a forum specifically for LGBT issues would encourage them to be brought to Babble and promote discussion of them.

The other main concern that came up when this matter was discussed in [url=]this thread[/url] was that it might attract trolls. We seem to be attracting trolls just fine as is, so I don't see that changing much.

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I was just thinking today about how moving away from categorizing threads might be an interesting idea. A lot of people just read the TAT anyways. I was thinking about something along the lines of how gmail works. No need to sort your mail if you can search it effectively.

Will S

I'd be in favour of a dedicated forum and I don't think it would ghettoized. But I would like to propose that Babble calls it a GLBTQ forum to be more inclusive of those who identify as queer or questioning.

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