Lord Black Whines from Jail

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Lord Black Whines from Jail


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"After all I have endured over the last five years at the hands of the trans-border justice system, I would have to be insane to predict anything too positive. I am prepared for the worst, especially as we have already won 80 per cent of the case, but not resigned to it."

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080610.wblack10/BNS..."The full range of outcomes is possible, which is itself scandalous, as no one who seriously reads the written arguments could imagine for an instant that the defendants were guilty of anything," he wrote.[/url]

aka Mycroft

Black hasn't learned when to keep his mouth shut, obviously. The appellate judges have not rendered their decision yet and will likely not be impressed by Black's whining that they don't understand the case. Rather ironic when one remembers that Judge Posner is considered to not only be a towering intellect but is also, basically, a Friedmanite (as in Milton) and a libertarian who has created a school of legal theory that applies economic (read capitalist) principles to law. If any judge in the US is going to be sympathetic to Black's point of view, it's Posner and the fact that even he has said the Black case seems to be a clear-cut case of fraud should say volumes about the extent to which Black has either deluded himself or tried to delude his supporters about the nature of his actions.

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It is hilarious that Conrad Black is questioning Richard Posner's intellect. Keep it up, m'lord!


I sure hope someone brings Conrad's thoughts to the attention of the court! What an idiot.


The Martyrdom of St. Black may be aborted.
It's possible he may not be so stalwartly stupid as presumed.
He may have already heard of a departing Presidential pardon in the works.
After all:
"I have done the State some service, and they know it..."


Yes, and we all know how much more astute the Bushie is then appellate court judges....


[Lord Black Helmet on]I find my lack of faith in the Force disturbing.


Somebody tell him to shut up and eat his [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prison_loaf]prison loaf[/url].


I just wanted to say how I LOLed at the title of this thread.

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Queue the schadenfreude: Black's appeals have been turned down.

Clealy the court did not understand the charges or the facts before them.

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So when is his Order of Canada due to be revoked?

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Originally posted by Scott Piatkowski:
Queue the schaudenfreud: Black's appeals have been turned down.

Hooray! Now, I hope they keep that insufferable blowhard out of the country and in a US prison, rather than transfer him to Canada.


He is no longer a Canadian citizen so I don't see how he could be transferred here. Maybe they will let him in to Britain. And as convicted felon I would hope he never even crosses our border.

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Originally posted by kropotkin1951:
[b]He is no longer a Canadian citizen so I don't see how he could be transferred here. Maybe they will let him in to Britain. And as convicted felon I would hope he never even crosses our border.[/b]

Is he not asking to have to citizenship returned? Rick Mercer noted it in one of his shows during his rant. He even basically suggested that Canadians would be showing poor taste in not standing behind the whiney ones bid for his returned citizenship. It was then I stopped watching the RMR.


Because regardless of what was said, or what papers were signed in the heat of the moment, that’s exactly what he is. Conrad Black was born in Canada, he grew up here and he built his business here. In fact Conrad became the giant poncy tool that he is today in Canada. Yes he denied us, yes we all heard the cock crow, but that had more to do with his getting into a peeing match with Jean Chrйtien than anything else. That was then this is now. I suggest we have to do the right thing, the Canadian thing and give him the citizenship back – and then, being Canadian, we never ever let him forget it. We lord it over the lord forever. Amen



Black's biggest mistake was not having the foresight to be born an American. Only then is all trespass against the common good permitted and adored.


I used to think Rick Mercer was good but in retrospect he was good as part of a collective.

[b]Rick Mercer Sycophant to the Rich and Powerful [/b] should be the new name of his show.


And the military! Or anyone wearing a uniform. I swear, he's as bad as Christie Blatchford. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]


Michelle fess up you created this right?

[url=http://www3.sympatico.ca/brooksdr/blatchford.htm]I hate Christie[/url]

aka Mycroft


Posner rejected the defense argument that the jury was improperly given the “ostrich instruction” — which holds that a jury can find a defendant guilty for intentionally avoiding knowing the truth about criminal behavior.

“If you receive a check in the mail for $1 million that you have no reason to think you’re entitled to, you cannot just deposit it and when prosecuted for theft say you didn’t know you weren’t entitled to the money,” Posner wrote.

Posner also dismissed Black’s argument that he did not intend to destroy or hide any evidence when he removed 13 boxes of documents from his offices in Toronto. The removal was caught on office surveillance cameras and shown to the jury.

Posner noted that there was evidence Black tried to avoid the building’s security cameras — “unsuccessfully.”

[url=http://www.suntimes.com/business/hollinger/1023749,black062508.article]A... court upholds Conrad Black's conviction[/url]

If I were writing headlines mine would be "Black to fade".

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Originally posted by aka Mycroft:
[b]If I were writing headlines mine would be "Black to fade".[/b]


How about "Black out... again"

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Reporters to President Bush: Do you have anything to say about the Conrad Black case now that his appeal has been denied?

Bush: Pardon?

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Lord Black will really whine if Lady Black, disinterested in visiting his Lordship for conjugal visits under the lidless eye of American justice, decides to jettison her hapless husband in favor of a less disgraced mate. But who would support her in the lifestyle to which she's become accustomed? Professor Henry Higgins?