The Khadr Video has gone VIRAL!

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The Khadr Video has gone VIRAL!


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Congratulations Stephen Harper!

Canada is front page news at the New York Times, BBC, LA Times, Guardian, Democracy Now, Huffington Post, etc etc etc.

Money could not buy such publicity, but the PC Party got it. LOL!

What a disgrace that Canada and its citizens will forever be associated in the eyes of the world as a nation of silent onlookers, who in the face of brutality, in the face of heinous child abuse, stood passive.

A child citizen pleading 'Kill Me. Kill Me.'

One has no doubt after seeing Harper 'shake hands' goodbye to his own children that he has no empathy nor sympathy for the suffering of a child. No doubt behind that porcine glutenous grin lies a callous sociopath. 'Tis a shame that as Bush defines what Americans are all about in the hearts and minds of the world, so too, does Harper, Bush's Prime Poodle, now defines us likewise in the world.

This should prove to be a real shot in the arm for our tourist industry. Perhaps we could feature throwing terrorist children off Niagara Falls, maybe have the RCMP Musical Ride crush Arab kids, the sky is the limit!

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Hey Neocynic, I totally agree with you. However, we're discussing this situation in [url=]this thread already[/url], so I'll close this one and let the conversation continue there.

Fabulous post though. I'd love it if you reposted it there.

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