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Canadian pension plans saw their investments tumble in the third quarter this year, posting their worst returns in a decade.

Consulting firm Mercer said yesterday that the return on its model balanced pension fund, which tracks the returns of a typical Canadian pension fund, dropped 7.9 per cent in the quarter ended Sept. 30. Mercer said it was the worst quarter since its model fund lost 9.1 per cent in the third quarter of 1998.


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Originally posted by remind:
[b]The sale of oil world wide is done in US dollars.

When the price of oil drops, as it has been. so does our dollar compared to the USA's. The sale of oil in only US dollars over inflates the US dollar compared to ours.[/b]

I wonder how long this will continue to be the case? Haven't a lot of oil producers been hinting at changing this state of affairs? If that happened, the rules of the game would change dramatically.


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